Just some fun stuff to show……

Our vacation started a little earlier then expected. We decided to go to the lake the Saturday before leaving. We took out the Jeep and invited some of Craig’s friends to get some 4 wheeling in too. Took my sister with me so I wouldn’t be the only chica there. 😉 It was a pretty fun day. We got in the water and stayed in longer then what I thought I would. We made burgers and just relaxed. Here are some pics from that day first…….

Our vacation officially started on 08/10/2009. We were both very excited to hike many trails at the Zion National Park. I was talking to Craig about how much people can change and how different I was from a year or two ago.
For example…… I would have never planned a vacation before that involved me being more active then waiting in line to get on a ride. This was so huge to me. We were going somewhere because we loved to hike. To me that was just an amazing feeling. On our way there we made a few stops which made the 9hr drive feel really short. One of our stops was the Dino Tracks. ( I love Dino’s) I really can’t explain why but just thinking about them existing is awesome. The other stop was the Moqui Cave. It used to be a bar inside but now is a museum.

As soon as we arrived at Zion National Park I was immediately in Awww. This place is beautiful. I wanted to take all the pictures and record everything there. I wanted to hike all the trails and enjoy every minute of it with Craig. I’m telling you this place is incredible. I can’t wait until we go back someday. I know it will probably be awhile because now I have more places I want to go to. There is so much out there that I want to see. I need to calm down and not get ahead of myseld. I tend to just start planning things ALL THE TIME. I think I might be a little crazy. Is it that bad to want to see the whole world?!

Anyway we started with the a scenic byway that led through two tunnels and amazing views of the park.

This is the first tunnel…it’s the shorter one. The second one is a little over a mile long.
Yeah I wanted to run….too bad I had my sandals on. I had to take a picture like this though.

Beautiful….right?! See I told you. I don’t know if they have a marathon there but I will definitely investigate and if they do….then sign me up!

One last thing before I go..we thought this was hilarious. I swear that it was not planned. We got to our hotel room and guess what the first thing we saw was………

Tada……funny huh? Yup a heart shaped hot tub……Yeah Baby!!!!
I have more pictures to show of each trail and some videos too. I will have to post them tomorrow. Craig and I are getting ready to meet our friend for dinner.


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