Celeb Bikini Bodies

workout- 50minute morning run and 30 day shred

Nothing much today. I went running this morning with Vero and Craig. Vero and I are running the Susan G. Komen race on October 11th. We are pretty excited to do that. It will be a fun pre marathon race so Vero can get pumped. Plus it’s for a good cause and I just love it when women get together and support eachother.

I also did 30 day shred. I love how I feel when i’m done. I also cleaned a bit. Tonight we are going to California Pizza Kitchen and maybe the Halloween store. I plan on dressing up as something cute and slutty again. LOL. Fun times. Do you have costume ideas planned yet?

I know that fall is coming and summer is out the door. However, I really like looking at celebrity pictures because they do motivate me. I’m going to be posting just a few celeb bodies that just look great. Also some pictures of celebs in their workout gear. It’s nice to see that they also have to work hard to maintain their weight.

Kelly Clarkson
Jennifer Anniston

Britney Spears


Fergie Ferg running. This seriously makes me feel like going out and running right now.

Jessica Beil

Britney Spears getting done with a dance workout.

Hope these motivate you as much as they motivate me.

Have a great Friday!



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