Camelback Mountain Hike- Cholla Trail

Saturday workout: 30 minutes: bike and crunches
Sunday workout:: 2hrs: Hike

Oh lovely Sunday. You all know I love my Fridays but I enjoy my Sundays so much. We usually do something “active” in the morning and just relax most of the day. This morning we hiked Camelback Mtn. We were going to hike Echo Canyon Trail but there wasn’t any parking so decided on Cholla Trail instead. We like both trails so we were okay with that. There were so many people on the trail. It was a good morning for a hike. The weather was nice and the feeling was right. =)

After our hike we were super hungry so we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I was surprised that they offered healthier options. You’re able to get egg beaters and turkey sausage. They also had a breakfast that included yogurt, apple, grapes two eggs and turkey sausage. I didn’t get that but I did get 2 eggs with turkey sausage and pancakes. I only 1 pancake. It was a lot of food. I took a picture of the cute syrup bottle. Atleast I thought it was cute.

We then came home and took a nice long nap. It was very much needed. The rest of the day was a lot of relaxing. We are watching the Cardinals game right now. I’m also grilling some veggies for the week.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Back to work people.

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