New Running Shoes

Thursday workout: 1hr- cardio, ST and crunches
Friday workout: 45 minutes- run with Craig
TGIF!!! I’m feeling a bit better today. When I first woke up my throat was hurting but I still went for a run with Craig. I was really excited because this would be our first run ALONE together. Usually he will ride his bike around me to make sure I’m okay or my sister will be running with us. Today it was just us two and I loved it. It was nice running next to him and enjoying the nice weather we had this morning. After our run I made us breakfast. I made scrambled egg with spinach, cheese and corn tortilla. I didn’t take a picture though. I was hungry. =)
When Craig was off to work I was off to Sprouts. I bought two new items that I have never tried before. I’ve seen them on other blogs a lot and decided that I MUST try them. The first is Chobani greek yogurt. One is Strawberry flavored and the other is honey flavored. YUM. I also bought Annie’s Mac and Cheese. I’ll be making this some time next week. I’m not sure what I’m having for lunch yet but I think I might go with a wrap.
After doing a little shopping I came home for a little nap. I was woken up by my honey. Craig was calling as he usually does when he has a break. Then I heard the doorbell ringing. What was it?!!! It was…….
My new shoes!!!!!!!!!!! YAY. I put them on and ran around my house like a lunatic. They feel great and I can’t wait to take them out for a run! I’m so excited. It was like Christmas for me today. I still really love pink but I’m glad I went with a different color. The yellow is so bright. I love it.
I hope you are all enjoying your Friday!!!! I AM =)

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