workout: 55minutes- elliptical, treadmill, crunches and ST

Hi everyone I hope you had a fantastic Monday!!! I only have 3 more days and then get to rest again. Wooohooo!

Today I enjoyed:

Green Tea and Cloudy day

I also had Green Monster with Mango in it and Oatmeal for breakfast. I’m really into Oatmeal right now. I think during the winter season I want something nice and warm.

I also used one of my Christmas presents today. I love my tea mug. It’s so big and cute.

It was really cloudy all day today and I got to enjoy the nice view from my cubicle. Sorry about the glare in the picture. =)

After work I went to the gym. It felt so good to be back. It had been about a week since the last time I had gone. I actually missed it. I know I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow. My legs were already sore from the Satruday run and Sunday hike. Good luck Me tomorrow!!

Tonight we are going to have turkey chilli for dinner and play a little game of SIMPSONS SCENE IT!! My bf is going down!!! LOL.

Have a good night!!



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