10 mile run

workout: 10 mile run 1:51
Good morning!
I woke up this morning knowing that today was my last long run before the half marathon next Sunday. I had everything ready for today. I wanted to wear what I plan on wearing next week and I also wanted to eat what I plan on eating next week. I was feeling pretty good about my run. We had toast for breakfast. I had mine with green monster. I made sure to use the bathroom before we left…I didn’t want to be freaking out at mile 8 with no bathroom to go to. LOL. Craig rode his bike around me the whole time to make sure I was okay and also to take pictures of me. He really likes taking pictures and wanted to try different things on our camera. My run went really REALLY well. Thank god. I feel ready for next weeks half marathon and know that I’m ready for it. All this training has been worth while. I even beat my time. When I’ve ran 10 miles in the past my time is usually about 1:55-2:00 and I finished at 1:51. I was so happy to push the stop button on my Millie (HRM) when I was done. Wooohooo!!! I feel so awesome and ready. Here are other pictures that Craig took:

The first picture is of me at about the 7th mile and the second is me stretching after my run. I was so happy in that picture. I felt accomplished.

Plans for today…. Watch the Cardinals football game and relax.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!



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