P.F. Chang’s Health and Fitness Expo

Hi bloggies!! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Mine was fun, exciting, nerve wracking, amazing and BUSY! It started on Saturday with a slice of toast and WATER…I wanted to make sure to drink a lot of water since I had to run the next day. My sister and her friend Alberto spent the night Friday and Saturday night. We had so much planned and knew we would be up early both days. My friend Cristina, her sister and cousin were meeting us at 8:30 am to go to the Health and Fitness Expo. We had decided to take the light rail to Phoenix for the expo.
It was a pretty long drive but it was still fun. I was already starting to feel nervous but decided to focus on the expo instead. I was so excited to get my number and shirt. Also the FREE GOODIES!
Cristina and I finally got our numbers and were ready to check out the other stuff at the expo….
The shirts this year were so much nicer than last year. This year they were actual tech shirts and last year they were just regular cotton shirts. I still use my old t-shirt because it was my first half but I really liked this year’s better.
At the expo I bought a few stickers and Craig bought me this necklace with a 13.1 charm. I love it! ( you can’t really see what it says on the picture..sorry)
We also tried A LOT of different energy drinks and bars. After awhile my stomach was starting to hurt. There were a few good drinks there but some that were HORRIBLE. They passed out bars that I’ve never tried and I’m sure you will see them in future posts. We also took a picture with THE SIMPSONS!!!!
After the expo we went to Mi Amigo’s for lunch. We took the light rail back and we all seemed pretty tired by then. We got home and watched the Cardinals game. Soon after that it was time for us to meet our friends for dinner. We met up at Z Tejas. It was DELICIOUS. Last year we went to Oregano’s which is really good but we waited so long. We didn’t want to go through that again. We were seated pretty fast at Z Tejas which was nice.
After dinner we stopped at JoAnne’s to buy stuff so my “FANS” could make signs for Cristina and I. We also enjoyed some goofy moments….
Yeah Craig was a country singer and Alberto was his #1 fan! LOL. Vero and I were Pirates or Pirate Hookers?! IDK. LOL…
When we got home I made sure I had my alarm set and everything ready go before going to bed. Craig, Vero and Alberto stayed up to make our signs.This is what was done while I was sleeping…

The signs came out great and I had a few chuckles when I saw them in the morning. I slept great the whole night and was feeling great in the morning. I was SUPER NERVOUS about my foot though, since it had been hurting me all week…..
Tomorrow I will post the Half-Marathon pictures and my race recap. There was an injury…

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