My foot is better!

Happy Friday!!! This week went by pretty fast for me. I had Monday off so that helped. This week I started P90X and I LOVE IT so far. I’ve been sore since Monday. I also went running with my sister today and my foot felt awesome. I can still feel it a little sore once in awhile but overall I feel great. Good thing too because I have a half marathon to run on March 7th. We booked the hotel this week so we are all set to go. I haven’t registered yet because I was waiting for my foot to get better but we are registering in a couple of weeks. I’m really excited about running the El Paso Half Marathon because my sister is finally going to run her 1st half. Woohoo! I am so excited for her. I know she will love it. Tonight we are going to Sports Authority for a few things and she is going to check out some running shoes. She says her shins really bother her and I think it’s her running shoes. She has had these shoes for YEARS and she needs new ones. I know that’s one of the issues.
We aren’t sure what we plan on wearing yet. I know…that doesn’t really matter as long as we are ready but a girls gotta look cute too.
Last night Craig and I watched “This is it” and I loved it. He still had the moves….
This morning after breakfast I watched “He’s just not that into you”
This movie is SO right on. I loved the Jennifer Aniston/Ben Affleck story. I’m glad that they ended up together.
I didn’t have a lot going on today or this week. Sorry for the lame post.
Today on the agenda:
~ Wash dishes
~ Laundry
~ Nails
~ P90X-Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X
~ Make dinner
~ Sports Authority
Have a great weekend!!!

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