P90X and Snow Day

This weekend was AWESOME!!! Friday I had great workouts that included P90X and running with my sister. Friday night we went shopping and to dinner. I bought a cute nike top and I’m sure you will see it sometime soon on my blog. On Saturday morning Craig and I did P90X together since we both had to do the same dvd. It was Kenpo X and it was about an hour long. I really like it though and I burned a lot of calories. This is Craig working out…
And this is Craig and I saying BRING IT!!!

So far I’m loving this program and I plan on sticking to it. It has been a bit hard to fit in running and doing this everyday but I will make it happen. After working out I went to my parent’s…every Saturday I try and make it to my parent’s for a few hours. My sister, mom and I went out to lunch and talked. Saturday night Craig and I had planned to go watch a movie and also go to dinner. We went to Jason’s Deli and I had a grilled chicken wrap that also included jalapenos. Well as soon as we stepped out of the restaurant my stomach was killing me. I could barely walk..it hurt so bad. I asked Craig if we could skip the movie and we went home. He was awesome as always and took care of me. I don’t know if it was the jalapenos or what but I felt horrible. He made me some tea and I layed down. This morning I woke up feeling much better and decided to go along with our plans for the day. We had breakfast and got ready for our Snow Day!! I put on 3 pairs of socks, my black tights under my jeans, and like 3 tops including a long sleeve. I also took 2 sweaters and more socks…Just incase. I need to buy a big jacket for when we go to the snow. When we got there most of the roads were blocked off because of so much snow but we found a spot and had SO MUCH FUN. We went sledding for a bit and made some snow balls.

The drive up was fun..we listened to The Beatles White Album and Craig we sang along.
Craig made a snowball and threw it at me…..
I made found a HUGE snowball and tried to throw it at him!
Sledding was fun. It was my first time doing it and I was a bit scared at first but got over it pretty fast. On our way home we stopped at had lunch at Knotty Pine. We were both pretty hungry by then. Walking in the snow is quite a workout. We were both so tired by the time we got home. We took a nice nap and woke up even more tired but had to get over it quickly because we had plans with my sister. We wanted to go to a different Sports Authority to check out the shoes there. My sister found some she really liked. She said they feel really light and the cushion on the heel is what she was looking for. We are running tomorrow so we will see how they do. These are it…..
She bought a couple running shorts and I bought another running nike shirt and some nike running compression shorts. I’m very happy with my weekend purchases. I needed new workout clothes badly. Plus it’s fun to get cute workout clothes once in awhile…helps keep me motivated. =)
Question: What are some things that help keep you motivated to live an active life?
Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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