I’m a copycat!

Good morning bloggies!! I know I say this A LOT but I LOVE HAVING FRIDAY’S OFF!!! I hope I never have to change my schedule. I don’t know if I’d be able to go back to working 5 days a week. It’s hard working 10hrs a day but it pays off when I wake up on Friday knowing the whole day is for me. =)

Today’s plans:
~ do my taxes
~ nails
~ laundry
~ running 7 miles with my sister
~ meeting my friend at the movies (we are watching Edge of Darkness)
~ get dressed for Vday dinner ( we are doing a Vday weekend)
~ going out to dinner and going to watch Valentine’s Day movie

Okay so the reason my title is… I’m a copycat is because I am. I’ve seen many blog posts about this before which is where I got the idea to do 10 thing’s about me:

~ I lost 38 pounds over 2 years ago and have maintained. Woohoooo!!

~I love Froyo!! Anytime baby..ANYTIME!!!! We try to keep it to a minimum but it’s very hard.
My favorite is vanilla with strawberries and walnuts…sometimes I add a little bit of brownie.

~ I like to go 4 wheeling. I never really knew about 4 wheeling until I met Craig. It’s so much fun and kind of scary.

~ I might be ADDICTED to licorice…Red Vines to be exact. I don’t like the texture that Twizzlers has. We have a vending machine at work that has Red Vines and I seriously have to be so strong to not go buy them everyday.
~ I talk in my sleep. When I was little I went outside looking for my mom and I was yelling for her. She heard me and went outside to get me. Atleast that’s what she tells me. She was pretty very scared and thought my sleep walking would be an issue. As I grew up it got better and now I just scream randomly. LOL
~As much as I love to run I also love HIKING. I look online at so many trails all over the world and I want to do them all. Craig actually introduced me to hiking and it’s a fun thing we can do together.
~I want to visit so many places. I love everything about traveling. Long rode trips are so much fun. I have the best traveling partner.
~ I change my nail color atleast once a week. I can’t stand having the same color for way too long. I like weird colors too.
I bought these this week. I think i’ll go with the bright pink one today. =)
~ My sisters are my best friends. I trust them and have so much fun together. We can be dorks and not judge eachother. I’m glad we are close and can talk about anything.
~ I like my legs. LOL. I used to hate wearing shorts. I actually didn’t for many years until I lost weight and started feeling better about myself. I think people always focus about what they don’t like about themsleves. Well I think we should focus on what we do like and stop the negative thinking. So I admit that I like my legs.  Anytime I can wear shorts…that’s what i’ll wear.
Question: What do you like about yourself?
Have a great Valentine’s Weekend!!!

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