Quick stop at Sprouts

Hi blogsters!! I have very exciting news today!!!! I registered for the El Paso Half Marathon!!! Yay!! I get so pumped when I’m officially registered for a run. Even though I’ve been training and getting ready it doesn’t feel REAL until I’ve registered. The half marathon is 3 weeks away.

I took today off to help my sister out with a few things and since we got done early I was able to do some shopping. I stopped at Sprouts and bought a few things.
I’ve never tried POM!!! That’s crazy talk..right?! Well I bought one and I had a sip and this stuff is really good. I also bought Pop Chips which my friend recommended to me.
I bought flaxseeds and used my Magic Bullet to grind it. It saved me money and it really did grind it very well. I was so happy!!
You can see the bullet working it’s magic in this picture.
Weekend Recap:
Sunday we went 4 wheeling and had so much fun. We were out there most of the day and had sandwiches for lunch.

On one of the rocks Craig bent his wheel but after hitting it a few times with the slegde it was back to normal.

Tonight we are watching Biggest Loser…which I’m not sure if it will be on or not tonight. We are making Chicken Pesto Pasta for dinner with a salad. I’m about to start P90X and also dinner in a bit. Enjoy your evening!!!

Question: For you runners out there… Do you prefer running alone or with a friend?

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One comment on “Quick stop at Sprouts

  1. EricaH says:

    i use my bullet for flaxseeds to, love it. I wish I had a running partner but unfortunately I am a lone runner. 🙂

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