Late weekend update

It’s almost Wednesday and I’m just getting around to blogging about my weekend. I’m a slacker.

So this is what went on this weekend:

Picked up my Bountiful basket…

                                                            Then we went hiking….
There were so many wildfowers. My allergies have been crazy since Saturday because of them!! It was worth it though.
I decided to take a little nap by Weaver’s Needle.

For dinner we went to Pita Jungle. I tried a new delicious salad.

Craig got the Pitaquitos.
We spent Easter at the park playing baseball, hiding eggs, eating and talking. We had so much fun. It’s nice spending time with the family.
After that Craig and I decorated Easter cookies.
They may not look too pretty but they were pretty good.
I had a 4 day weekend but it flew by. I wish all weekends were 4 day weekends.
Craig said my question should be…Who is your favorite New Kid? So..who is it?

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