First day at my new home

It’s been a crazy day for me today. I’ve gotten a lot done but I feel like I still have so much to do. I’ve been thinking about making the big move to WordPress for a few months now but it just seemed so complicated. I hope I did everything right. I need to get comfortable with everything that WordPress has to offer since there is so much blogger didn’t have. I hope that the readers I have followed me to my new home. 😉

I bought a few new things over the last week that I see on blogs a lot and I needed to try for myself and also some of my regular favorites….


We made the spinach and cheese ravioli on Tuesday for dinner and it was really good. Sometime last week I also tried the Amy’s Tamal and a burrito. I loved it. I had Craig buy me more burritos. Sometimes I know I’m running late to make breakfast or lunch and it will be nice to have those handy.  I also bought more agave because I’m almost out. I had some of my friends at work try it and they loved it too. I’ve been adding it to my Green Monster and OMG its delicious!!!

I also bought a few things at Big Lots including this…..

It comes with:

  • Recipe Easel and Recipes
  • Meal & Exercise Planner
  • Exercise Music CD
  • Tape Measure
  • 10- day trial at Biggest Loser Online Club

I’m most excited for the recipe easel and recipes.

Today for lunch I followed a recipe from I actually followed every direction. I was really proud of myself. I usually just go by what I think is right. I’m glad I followed the directions because it came out really good. I posted the recipe from Eating well under my recipe tab. Here is a picture of my Honey-Soy Broiled Salmon….

Better get back to the list of things to do today…. Have a great Friday everyone!



2 comments on “First day at my new home

  1. bball says:

    Ewww I totally heard that she is a bigggg Lezzzzz!!! I read that she lives in Chandler Arizona,,,,,,,Have you seen here out and about?

    • betybliss says:

      Ali is AWESOME!!! I heard she lives in AZ too but I’ve never seen her. I would love to meet her one day though. She is my favorite winner from the Biggest Loser.

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