Staying Motivated

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Run for the Cheetah

Craig and I have our 5k run on Sunday. This event was a lot of fun for me last year and I’m pretty pumped up about it again this year because I’ll have Craig by my side. I feel like I haven’t ran in a race in so long. The last half marathon I ran was in March which isn’t too long ago but I already miss it. The next half marathon isn’t until December but I have a feeling I might not be able to wait that long.  I love running in races. I might not be fast but the feelings involving that day are incredible. I was reading Women’s Running Magazine yesterday and I found a great article about staying motivated during months of training for a race. We all know that it can be difficult. So here are a few tips from the article.

Setting goals  Write down what you expect from the race and why you are doing it. Decide how many miles you want to do every week and in what time you want to finish them in. When you run those miles you will feel great for committing to it.

Keeping track When you keep track of what you have accomplished you have something to look back at. It’s always nice to look back and compare how well you did on one run compared to another. Maybe we can keep track on our blogs, running journals or a calendar.

Sharing goals- It’s important to let others know what your goals are. We all have great runs but we also have bad runs. Sometimes we need some encouragement and someone to talk to.

In Good Company- Sometimes we want to go on runs alone and other times its nice to have someone at your side. If you are starting to feel a little lonely schedule a run with a friend.

Spice Things up- I’m sure we have all ran miles around our homes or at our favorite park. Maybe mix it up a little and try a new route that you’ve never ran before. A nice change of scenery can make a huge difference.

It’s individual- We all have different goals. If you’re running with a friend make sure to remember why your doing the race.

Running in races is a ton of fun. It’s like a celebration for all the hard work that we put in. As runners we experience a lot of feelings. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. It’s part of the adventure.

Question: Do you run best alone or with a partner?


One comment on “Staying Motivated

  1. Craig says:

    I run the best down hill

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