I’m back!!!

Wow that was a nice long break I took. Our vacation was so relaxing and fun. Since being back I feel refreshed. As if I got a whole new set of Energizer batteries.

You all know me…. I will drag these vacation pictures on forever so I will do my best to not post so many. I mean it’s not like it’s a marathon or something?! LOL.

Well Universal Studios was about the same from what I remember. The only two new rides were The Mummy ride and The Simpsons ride. I was really nervous about The Mummy ride but it wasn’t that bad. I don’t know what has happened the last year or so but I’ve become a real chicken. I used to be brave with rides and the one that always wanted to get on them but the tables have turned. The best thing at Universal for me is still the Jurassic Park ride. I love Dinosaurs so that might be why. I also really liked taking pictures with all the characters. So here are a few pics from Universal Studios…..


 These donuts smelled soooo good. I wanted one SO bad but I just couldn’t do it.

 We met Shrek

 and Homer.

 Then Craig presented me with award!! 🙂 How sweet…and true.

 We had dinner at the Bubba Gump Restaurant and I bought some new Nike shoes. LOL. What do you think?

 AND WE FOUND YOGURTLAND!!!!!! This is my favorite froyo place and I was so happy to see it at the Universal Citywalk.

I have more pictures to share with you. We did a couple of hikes and went to a couple of museums.

It was nice to be away for a bit but it’s also nice to be back. I’ve been catching up with your blogs also. 🙂



One comment on “I’m back!!!

  1. sheila says:

    welcome back, sweetie! Glad you had an awesome vacation! I’ve been craving one myself. i told my hubby that I’d like to go visit an amusement park this summer. we’ll see if it happens, lol. And YAY for Yogurtland!!!

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