Hiking on our vacation

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!

On Thursday while at the gym I heard a song that I absolutely love and I want to share it with you.  It’s Lil Wayne and the song is “I’m a go getter.” Let me know what you think. When I was listening to it I just pictured it as my first song on my running playlist.

Okay on to some hiking pictures from our vacation. I read about our first hike on Fit Lizzio’s blog I know that if she is doing it that it must be awesome.

Runyon Canyon is a 130 acre park with numerous hiking trails. The highest point is 1,320 ft in elevation.  Source

  There is one main road that is paved and a lot of other trails that aren’t paved.

 You can see so many beautiful views. Including the Hollywood sign….  I was so happy to make it to the top that I was jumping around. 🙂

  This bench was featured in one of the Seinfeld episodes.  We enjoyed some snacks at this bench.

We didn’t know what to expect so we went prepared with our Camelbacks just in case. We loved Runyon Canyon and when we go back we plan on hiking it again.

Our next hike the following day was at the Griffith Observatory Park. This hike was equally as beautiful. We started out with a few walking/running trails at the bottom. It was so green and well-maintained.

Before our hike started we bought a few snacks at this cute little cafe. We bought a chocolate chip scone and a lavender cookie. They were both so delicious.I wanted to run at the park. It was just so beautiful.There is one main trail that leads to the Griffith Observatory. This was featured in a few movies… like Terminator, Transformers and Terminator Salvation. This trail is steep and it was a good workout for me.  Source

There is also a very scenic drive that you can take that goes around the park and through this tunnel.

I have a lot more pictures from our vacation but I don’t want to make a month of vacation pictures so I will be posting some randomly.

Question: What has been the most random thing you’ve done while on vacation? I think our thing this vacation was the La Brea Tar Pit Museum. Every time I tell someone about it they look at me like?!! why did you go there? LOL. It was so cool and interesting though.

I’m about to have lunch, do my laundry and do some Zumba. Have a great weekend!!!!



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