Being sick is NO fun

Hey bloggies! I’ve been in bed for most of the last two days. I attempted to go to the gym yesterday and felt horrible there. After about 40 minutes I felt SO weak that I had to go sit down on the couch by the front desk. I guess there is a stomach virus going around. I got sick on Tuesday and even though I can feel myself getting better I am still not 100%. I took advantage that I was feeling a bit better to come and write a quick post. I’ve missed the outside world. 🙂

I’ve been trying to do everything I can to get better soon. I hate being sick especially when I know that there is a lot to be done.  I’ve been drinking a lot of liquids. Mostly water and some Powerade.

 Also getting a lot of rest. I’ve slept so much the last two days and also watched a lot of Friends.

Trying my best to eat because I know that I have to eat something. I’ve been so nauseas that I don’t crave anything or want anything. I’ve been having soup and I did have a little bit of turkey sub from Subway yesterday. It seems that I am better today so I am super happy about that. Today is my mom’s birthday!! wooohoo. We are all getting together at their house to celebrate. For her birthday I bought her an advance ticket to Eclipse. She loved the Twilight books and loves the movies. My sisters and I also bought tickets for us to go with her opening night. We are so excited to see her face. I am also taking her to watch Ironman 2 tomorrow morning.


What else happened this week……..

Oh yeah I decided to run the Disney Half Marathon again. I’ve been thinking about running a half marathon alone for a while now and I really enjoyed running the Disney one last year so I’m going for it. I already looked at hotel info. I just need to register which I’ll probably do next month. I am so PUMPED about running it. We had so much fun last year.


 Craig and I are also going to take advantage and make it a mini vacation while we are there.

I’m going to start my training the first weekend of June. To prepare I am also purchasing a new iPod. I didn’t mention it but a month ago I lost my iPod. I’ve been so lost without it. I miss it so much. It’s one of the things that keeps me motivated to go running or to the gym. I lost it at the park when we went for a bike ride. I was SO sad. Craig had bought it for me a couple of years back for Christmas and it was even engraved with my nickname. 😦

I had the older model so there is a plus to losing my old one…I guess. Hey I’m trying to think positive here…….

I get to buy the newer model which has radio and video on it. I will hopefully be buying this soon because I’m sure my sister and dad are tired of lending me theirs. Eeeeek. I’m thinking about buying the pink one since “PINK IS MY FAVORITE COLOR” ( Who sings that song? )

I’m ready to get my playlist started with some new good running songs. I love arranging my running playlist. I’m going to need some good music to keep me pumped for this training. I remember last year was horrible because Arizona is so HOT. I felt like I was melting every weekend on my long run. Last year I told Craig that I was NEVER training for a half marathon in the summer again. Actually I think he recorded me saying that. WELL HERE I GO AGAIN………..

Question: What is your favorite song right now? Or name a few motivating songs that you have on your playlist….




2 comments on “Being sick is NO fun

  1. Craig says:

    get well soon

  2. lowandbhold says:

    Ah, feel better girl! And yay for doing another half marathon and a new iPod 🙂

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