I have an itch

I love getting surprises!!!!!!

 Especially when it’s something I really want. 🙂 Craig surprised me today with my new iPod. I just put some music on it and I can’t wait to take out the new toy for a little run. I’ll hopefully be running on Friday before going to get my hair did. Just getting a trim and highlights. This weekend we are going camping which we usually do for Memorial Day weekend. Depending who goes with us we might also go hiking. I hope we do because Flagstaff is so pretty. A couple of weeks ago we went hiking but I’m getting the hiking itch again.

I get a lot of itches. For instance getting my hair done itch….

I thought I was going to let it grow out here because I missed having long hair.

Yet I got the short hair itch so I cut it.

Then I had the dark hair itch….

Now I’m having the what is my next goal itch….

Will it be to run a half marathon in 2:45 which would be my best time ever….

Look like a SEXY beast in my new bikini on our Vegas trip coming up in July…

Or maybe finally sending in my “story” to Fitness magazine…

How about I just do it all! Yeah I think I’ll go with all three itches. GET IT!!! GET IT!!!

Question: Do you have any itches going on?

Oh and totally random but here is an awesome new song that I LOVE!!!



2 comments on “I have an itch

  1. sheila says:

    you are tooo cute with all your itches! lol. I’ve had an itch to change up my hair color… so I went to Sally’s and bought a box of Clairol Pro hair color. Came home and changed my hair color. THe itch is gone and I’m happy with my color 🙂 I love your hair cut, btw! I’ve been wanting to cut my hair too but I’m letting it grow out.

    • betybliss says:

      I love doing my hair at home. I used to be a Sally’s member. LOL. But now that I try to go lighter I stick to the salon. I’ve had a few crazy ORANGE hair days. haha I’ve learned my lesson. 😉

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