This might become a tradition…..

Happy Memorial Day!! I hope you have all enjoyed the longer weekend if you had today off. I had a 4 day weekend since I don’t work Fridays. On Friday I just ran a lot of errands. As I said before I got my hair done. I need to get a better picture for you guys to be able to tell the difference. I just went for a trim and to redo my highlights. My roots were really bad. Anyway after my hair appt. I had lunch with my mom. Then Craig and I went out to dinner and to my sister’s house to watch a movie. We spent the night there and came home early to pack up for our camping trip. Last year we went to the same place to camp for Memorial Day weekend. I wonder if this makes it a tradition? I don’t know if we will do it every year but I hope so. It’s so relaxing.


 We arrived at about 1pm. We unloaded and made lunch. We just made sandwiches and sat and talked for a bit. Then we were off for some driving. Last year we took our Tacoma but this year we decided to take the Jeep. It was a lot of fun riding around in the Jeep however the Tacoma drives so much smoother out there. 


Last year at this point I was wearing jeans and a sweater because it was raining. It was a lot warmer than we thought it was going to be. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Flagstaff when it’s been this warm before. It was nice but a little weird. I missed the “Flagstaff” weather and I kind of wished for some clouds to start rolling in.

Craig and I always joke around about how I try to jump in pictures. It’s super funny to me so I keep doing it. This is one of the pictures where I’m obviously not supposed to be in.

After goofing around we went back to camp. While Craig made dinner I read a little. I took a few magazines but actually only read this one. Craig made us turkey hot dogs with chips for dinner. I had two hot dogs and no chips. They were good. I’m not a hot dog loving girl but when the mood is right I can definitely eat some. After awhile it started getting a little cold so we got our fire going. We sat around getting warm and talking. We knew we had to get an early start for our hike the next morning and we still had more goofing off to do so we went to sleep at about 10pm. We forgot our top cover to the tent so we got to lay under th stars until we fell asleep. So Romantico…. 🙂

Morning came and we got the fire started again. We had breakfast and went for a short ride.

Then packed up to go on our hike. It was a great weekend and I feel so relaxed. It’s nice to get away sometimes..with no tv or computer. Just us two enjoying each other and nature. 🙂

Tomorrow I start my half marathon training and I am SOOOOO pumped.



One comment on “This might become a tradition…..

  1. Craig says:

    we should go again next weekend

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