Finally Friday

Even though it was a short week it felt like a long week. I was so happy this morning when I realized I didn’t have to work today. I know I shouldn’t have to realize it but sometimes my mind thinks it’s just another day. I tried to trick Craig into thinking I was getting up at my regular time to get ready for work. He didn’t fall for it. He knew I was kidding. I hate that I usually still wake up early on Fridays. I woke up at 4:23am and had to force myself to fall back asleep. We have a busy day today so I know I needed my sleep. Tonight we have a wedding at 6:30pm then after that we are meeting our friends at Gameworks. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Gameworks but I imagine it’s a little like Dave & Busters. We don’t all usually get to hang out because one of our friends lives out of the state so it should be fun. Other than that we don’t really have many plans for the weekend. Tomorrow night Craig and I might go watch “Get Him To The Greek” and to dinner. On Sunday I’m hoping for a nice long hiking trip. We’ll see though..we need our rest time too. ūüôā I was thinking about it the other day and I think during the week I get enough sleep but I know that over the weekend I don’t. Do you do that too?

This morning as I was doing my nails, watching Friends and also reading¬†Glamour magazine I found a pretty good article. It’s “Health Rules for Every Woman” by Liz Welch.¬†¬† Source

Here are the Every day Rules:

  • Eat Breakfast¬† (Whether you’re hungry or Not)
  • Swipe on Some SPF-30 Sunscreen
  • Brush Twice, Floss Once
  • Chill Out for Five Minutes
  • Take a Multivitamin with Iron
  • Get Seven to Nine Hours of Sleep (We mean it)

These are the Every Week rules:

  • Eat Fish Twice
  • Sweat for 2.5 hours (not all at once, break¬†it up¬†during the week)
  • Have an Orgasm

Rules for Every Month:

  • Jump on the Scale
  • Note when your period starts

Every Year

  • Go to the Dentist twice
  • See a Derm for a head-to-toe¬†skin check
  • Get a Pelvic Exam
  • Have your blood pressure checked

Question: Do you think that you follow most of these? Do you think that some are not very important?


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