It wasn’t just another ride in the park…

Weekend update:

How is your weekend going so far?

My weekend has been full of great times with family, friends and my Craigo. On Friday we went to my cousin’s wedding. We got all dressed up and I even danced a bit. My whole family was there and it was cool for all of us to be together. Sometimes it gets hard with everyday life but we were all able to make it. We left the wedding at about 9pm to meet our friends at Gameworks. It was so much fun. At first I was a little bummed to be leaving the wedding reception but we really enjoyed hanging out with our friends. I even got a Sonic the Hedgehog shirt from all of our tickets. I mean EVERYONE should have one. 😉 LOL.


Saturday I hung out at my parents than Craig and I went out on our date. We went to


Craig wore his fanciest shirt. LOL. 😉 I bought this for him at the Sugar store in California.

Anyway we’ve been wanting to go for a while but had heard the servings were huge. Well yesterday we were ready for a huge serving of delicious food. It was really good and we plan on going back.


Craig got the Steak Sandwich with fries and I got the Smoked Salmon plate.

We also got biscuits and the butter was sweet. It was really good. After our dinner we watched “Get him to the Greek” I thought it was really funny. Not as funny as “Hangover” or “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” but entertaining for sure.

And…. this morning we went on a 14 mile bike ride at our favorite park. We even saw coyotes and bunnies on our ride. I couldn’t believe that the coyotes were just out and about at the park. It was pretty cool.

During our bike ride I realized that I am getting so much better at riding. When I first started a few years ago I could barely make it a mile at that same park. One time we had to stop because I got all weak and couldn’t breathe. I’ve come a long way 🙂 There were just a few things that happened during our ride that I noticed the big improvement in me. I’m going to keep at it because I want to feel as comfortable riding as I do running.

When we got home I enjoyed a little snack. I needed it. I was so thirsty. Arizona is hot!

The reason why my face is so red here is 1 because I was choking and 2 because like I said…


Hope you enjoy your Sunday…back to the grind tomorrow.



2 comments on “It wasn’t just another ride in the park…

  1. sheila says:

    Looks like you had a great weekend! How hot does it get in Arizona? Pretty hot I’m sure, huh? It was really hot here in Texas this weekend too! I don’t mind the warm weather at all but humidity and hot weather is just torture for me! Have a great monday, sweetie!

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