Horton Creek Trail with my faves

I have GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I registered for the Los Angeles Rock N Roll Half Marathon on October 24th!!! Wooohoooo.

 I didn’t wait to register this time. I knew that I wanted to run it and I just did it. I am so happy that I know it’s all set. I am beyond EXCITED to run this.

Also this weekend we went on one of our favorite hikes. It’s located in Payson Arizona. The weather is always so nice there and it’s just beautiful. We have been wanting to take my sister so we were happy when she told us that she had Sunday off. We left at about 8am for our 3 hour hike.

Horton Creek Trail

Length: 7 miles roundtrip

Difficulty: Moderate

Another great hike with my love.

At first Vero was really tired but after a while she got into it. She was happy she came out with us.

Then we decided to give each other piggyback rides.

It was  SO much fun.

Vero loved it. LOL 🙂

They are goofs.

And we are TOUGH CHICAS!!!

We will see what adventure this weekend brings….



3 comments on “Horton Creek Trail with my faves

  1. Craig says:

    What a good hike. We need to make it up into the oines again a few more times before the summer is over.

  2. sheila says:

    MAN! I get really jealous of all your hiking trips!! I’ve been bugging the husband to take me to one really soon! Glad y’all had a great time!

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