Catch up time…

Today’s post is going to be all over the place. I have a lot to talk about. šŸ™‚ I hope it’s not too random….


My workouts for the last couple weeks have been pretty good. I noticed that towards the end of May I was slacking a little because there was a lot going on. I still made it to the gym but I knew I wasn’t working as hard as I want to. Craig and I discussed the lack of motivation I was starting to feel and we got back on track. It happens once in a while, I start to feel like I’m losingĀ the motivation to just keep moving. Thank god that I’m able to get back on track and keep pushing. On Tuesday at work we started a “Biggest Loser” summer challenge at work. It’s about 6 of us and we weigh in at the nurses office. She keeps track of all our information and we weigh in ever 2 weeks. We are supposed to help keep each other on track and motivate each other. But we can also try to tempt another person with bringing in their favorite dessert or dish. šŸ˜‰ That soundsĀ a little sneaky to me but I guess they can try to tempt me……THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED. We will all meet our goals and keep each other pumped up. šŸ™‚


Last Saturday my friend had a party and I decided to let myself loose a little. I usually don’t drink but I decided to go for it this time. We danced a lot and had so much fun. I have a few (LOTS) of pictures.

All ready to go. ( I don’t know why there is a computer on the floor….LOL. My sisters just moved in to that apartment.)

Looks like we are all ready to party.

My Craig and IĀ getting down with our bad selves.Ā 

All that dancingĀ made my sister hungry.Ā 

It was a great night and we are even more pumped for Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. We are going to have a blast!!!

Last but not least…..

I went to the Eclipse premier with my family. Yes..we stood in line for a couple of hours in this heat. It was worth it though. I really liked the movie. I was not disappointed at all. Here we are waiting in line…….

Hope you’re all having a great week!!



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