Las Vegas Nights

It’s Friday and I’m feeling great. I had a short week but I still couldn’t wait for this day to be here. It’s nice and cloudy here. It makes you think that it’s nice and cool outside but as soon as you step outside…it’s all sticky and gross. So I’m going to stay inside most of the day. I have a lot to do since I haven’t even unpacked from our trip. Yup….a week later and I still haven’t unpacked. I don’t have much time during the week so my Fridays are my day to catch up. Tonight Craig and I are going to the movies to watch Inception. He’s been wanting to watch it for a while so I told him I would treat him to a nice date 🙂

Here’s the last of the Las Vegas pictures:

Friday night we had dinner and a show planned. We went with Peepshow. Craig and I had seen it before but it was when Mel B was in it. Now it’s Holly Madison from Girls Next Door. Anyway she might have some new show that I probably don’t know about.  This show is really good. It does have some nudity but the music is awesome and the story isn’t so bad either.

After the show we went to dinner and to a couple of bars to celebrate my little sister turning 21! We went to a couple of bars until we found one that was playing really good music so we could dance.

The next morning we didn’t wake up until 10am. I know that might not be late to some people but I can’t even remember the last time I did that. Even when I go to sleep late I still wake up around 6ish. I had to look at my cell phone again to make sure that I wasn’t imagining the time. It was so weird for me to wake up at that time. We were all so tired but also hungry so we headed to a restaurant at our hotel. It was called The Coffee Shop and the food was pretty good. It was a little pricey though.

Once we had our tummys full we were ready for the pool. By this time it was already around 3pm. We really didn’t expect to start our day so late but it was nice not to be on a schedule. The pool was SO much fun. It was like a party. We danced a lot which we love to do.

By the time we got done at the pool and shopping it was about 7pm and we needed to start getting ready for my sister’s b-day dinner and the club. I had never been at a club in Vegas so I was a little nervous about the line and if it would be hard to get in. We decided on Christian Audigier because it was at our hotel and we didn’t want to worry about walking far when we left. Plus we knew it might be a bit easier to get in since we were staying at Treasure Island.


We totally made my sister wear a birthday sash. 🙂

Once we got there we didn’t have an issue getting it. We actually got in free and didn’t have to wait in line. It was something that was included with out hotel package. 🙂 The music there is AMAZING. The music is a variety of older and newer stuff. We danced all night. It did get pretty packed in there though after a while and it was harder to dance but overall I would totally go back to this club. I was impressed.

When we were walking back to our room we decided to play a few slots. We had been in Las Vegas for 3 days and still hadn’t gambled. I knew it was something my sister needed to do before we left. It seems like she liked it because the next morning she wanted to play again. Oh and lucky Craig won $250. He always has good luck 🙂

Las Vegas was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go again in December. This time it will be for the Las Vegas Half Marathon. It will be Craig’s first half. I can’t wait!! He starts training in a couple of months. We are going to have a blast running it together.

Question: Do you prefer going to a bar or a club? Or neither?



2 comments on “Las Vegas Nights

  1. Craig says:

    so we need to know when we go back whats going to be are party night. We might have to stay an extra day cause I think after teh half I’m gonna be done!

  2. sheila says:

    Y’all look great!! I love both of your dresses! SEXY MAMA! LOL. I like both the bar and club, it just depends on what kind of environment I’m up for.

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