TGTF!!! Thank God Tomorrow’s Friday 🙂 Today I’m going with my friend to a sports store to shop for running shoes. She is training for her first half marathon. I’m so excited for her. After that Craig and I are going shopping for my little brothers bday. It’s tomorrow and he is going to be 15 years old. Awwe all my babies are growing up. 😦 We have dinner planned at his favorite pizza restaurant.. California Pizza Kitchen. After that I’m treating him to a movie. I love the weekends. 🙂

This morning I received an exciting email from Bootcamp Babes saying since I’m a former babe that I was able to take advantage of a great offer they were having. It’s 50% off of a 4 week class that starts on August 16th.


I felt like this was something that was meant to be. The reason for that is…. at this time I work from 6am-5pm Monday thru Thursday. Which means that I wake up at 4:30am. Which means that I have not been able to attend bootcamp because the earliest one they have starts at 5:15am. However on August 16th I start training at work which means that my schedule will be 8am-5pm Monday thru Friday. You know what that means ladies!!!? That I can register for the 50% off 4 week class that starts on August 16th!! I’m telling you…MEANT TO BE. I mentioned it to Craig and he said “DO IT.” So supportive. He knows I’ve been wanting to do another bootcamp but with my schedule I couldn’t do the one I wanted. I love Bootcamp babe!! The last time I won the 4 week class in a contest! Lucky 😉

I’m going to be registering tonight. The plan is:

Monday- Bootcamp

Tuesday- Short Run

Wednesday- Bootcamp

Thursday- Short Run

Friday- Rest Day

Saturday- Long Run

Sunday- Rest Day or CT

The last time I did the bootcamp it was so hard. It was in July and it was so hot. I guess Im being a drama queen but thats okay. I’m really looking forward to it again. Haha I guess I just love torture.



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