Ahhhhh what a nice morning it has been. We woke up bright and early and took advantage of the cloudy sky for some pictures. I’ve been wanting some running pictures out in the mountains. We finally got a chance this morning to do it. I will be posting them sometime this week. We also decided to do a short hike. It wasn’t planned but it was nice.

So here is how the weekends gone so far:

Friday night we went to California Pizza Kitchen to celebrate my little brothers bday. After that we played Wii until our movie started. We all went out and watched Dinner for Schmucks. It was really funny and it was a really good time. We got out from the movies pretty late and it was raining so hard. I was a little scared to drive home because I could barely see the street lines but I made it through. I’m a chicken when it comes to driving in the rain even though I love the rain.


Saturday morning Craig and I went to pick up my Bountiful Basket. It has been about a month since I’ve been able to order one because I wasn’t able to pick it up the time they had it scheduled for. I was so happy that I was able to this weekend. I also got corn..which I’m cooking right now. It smells so good inside our house right now. YUM.

I also took a Zumba class with my friend Diana. We had so much fun. It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to meet for Zumba, running or a hike because Diana had a baby 3 months ago. She will also be training for the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon in December. She was the one that got me into running 🙂

After Zumba I got home and got ready for my day with Craig. It was sprinkling so we decided to go to SPRINKLES 🙂 I’ve been craving a cupcake for over a month now.

 I couldn’t wait to get home and open this box..YUM!

They were delicious! OMG. Mine is the pink one. The frosting was amazing. We picked up 3 cupcakes and we are sharing the third one today, after we have lunch. Nothing much planned for today. Just adding more songs to my playlist, cleaning our house, organizing and resting.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!



2 comments on “Sprinkles

  1. Veronica says:

    I like the new header! My boyfriends neices bought me sprinkles cupcakes for my birthday last year…they were awesome….

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