Bitter Sweet Feelings

Good morning. We all made it through another week. Time to sit back and relax… 🙂

I guess I should listen to myself since I don’t have much time to sit back and relax today. I have alot planned:

~ Shopping

~ 30 day shred

~Making a new Salmon recipe for lunch 🙂 I’m so excited and I’ll be posting it once I’m done.

~Pack for our Greer trip

~Clean our house before we leave

~ Visit my mom before they leave to Rocky Point

~Get ready and go to happy hour with my peeps. 😉

~ Girls night with my sis and friends.

Tomorrow morning we are leaving really early so I probably won’t get much sleep tonight. Eeeek. My sister has been wanting to go out though and I know we will have tons of fun. I’m also looking forward to hanging out my friends today at happy hour. Yesterday was my last day in that department. I’ve worked for a few years in the same department and met amazing people. I know that we will continue our friendship. Even though I’ll be in the same building I know that I won’t get to hear their jokes, stories or laughter everyday like I’m used to. I’m really going to miss them all. Even though I’ll miss everyone I have to think positive. Maybe this is a good move for me. I’ll be learning so many new things and meeting new people. I know that things happen for a reason so I’ll roll with the punches 🙂

Bitter sweet feelings…..

I was packing my stuff trying to look sad for the picture. LOL

My friend Daniela was also packing her stuff but not to move to the other side of the building like me. She actually took a different position at a different location. I wish her the best and I know that she will do great at her new job. Love you Morenazza!! 😉

That’s about it for today. I will try to post the Salmon recipe before we leave tomorrow and maybe also some pictures from tonight 🙂

Have a great day!!



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