Boot camp and Greer

This is my face when I have to be at boot camp at 5:15 am. I leave my house around 4:45am and it’s pitch dark outside. When I get out of boot camp though the world is awake and so is the sun. It’s pretty cool to see the difference. So far boot camp is going GREAT! I’m used to waking up early so it’s not hard for me to wake up and go. I also like that it’s early because I feel awesome the rest of the day. I’ve taken boot camp before and it was after work and now that I know the difference I know that I’m better in the morning time. I’ve never thought I was a morning person but I might just be. Every part of my body is sore and has been since Monday but it’s a good sore. The kind you know is from all the hard work not from laying in bed all day. 🙂 My running training is going good too. I have another 3 mile run planned today after work. This Saturday my training plan says I have to run 7 miles but I think I might go with 6 again. I want to have a great 6 mile run before I move forward. I don’t know..I’m weird I guess. But it helps my motivation, knowing that I’m not just barely running the 6 miles. I want to feel confident.

Oh and next week is a special anniversary for me. I will be celebrating 3 yrs since I changed my life. 🙂 (more on that later)

It’s Thursday so that means the weekend is right around the corner. I want to finish posting the Greer pictures before this weekend is here so here are the rest…….


We had scrambled eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast. I had a ton of avocado on top of my eggs. YUM.



We explored a bit more. I ran so Craig could snap some pics. I love how tall the trees are. Then we took pics of the truck (like if we don’t have enough..LOL) That’s why there is one when I’m jumping in the pic. haha


We stopped at a huge beautiful lake that is surrounded by pine trees.


On our way home we stopped for a quick dessert. I found the best I could find at a convenience store. Skinny Cow ice cream. Craig got Caramel Cone and I had the Cookies ‘N Cream. Deliciousness..

Hope you’re all having a great week!



One comment on “Boot camp and Greer

  1. Melissa says:

    Wow, way to go on bootcamp!! I am NOT a morning person, by any means. Waking up at 6:30 for work is a struggle!

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