Just Dance

Who is ready for the 3-4 day weekend?!! I am. I know it’s barely Tuesday but I am really looking forward to having an extra day to relax.

Do you have any plans for the long weekend?

Last weekend was a blast but I’m ready for another great weekend. Here’s what I did last weekend:

Friday night we had dinner at Genghis Grill then went home to play our new game….Just Dance. This game is so much fun and really makes you sweat. We played it for a few hours and even thought I wasn’t trying to fit in another workout I feel like I did. Next time I might wear my HRM just to see how many calories I burn. No pressure to burn a lot though. It’s just for fun 🙂

Craig and I busted out our best moves. LOL

Saturday morning I did go for my 7 mile run but it actually ended being a 7.5 mile run. I hurt my left ankle. I knew I was pushing myself too much especially since I was sore from boot camp but it felt so good to be out running. But I paid the price later that day. My ankle started getting swollen and it was really bothering me. I’ve been resting it, icing and putting Tiger Balm on it since Saturday. I’ve learned my lesson. 😦 I have a 3 mile run planned in my training today but I might just get on the elliptical and bike. I don’t want to risk hurting it again. This is the first day that it feels back to normal.

Saturday night we went to Speed World and to dinner.  It was a nice rainy day in Arizona.

On Sunday we were lazy most of the day. We did a little bit of cleaning around the house and watched a few movies at home. Then we went to the movies and watched Knight and Day. It was a pretty good movie.

My sister ended up coming over and we all went to dinner. Then we decided to play Just Dance again. We had  a lot of fun again. Anyone that has a Wii…. I really recommend this game. It has all different kind of music so it’s good for any age.

(sorry for the messy house picture) I told you we were lazy that day 🙂

Do you play video games?  I’m not really a video game type of person but lately we have really enjoyed playing Wii.



4 comments on “Just Dance

  1. Craig says:

    I am a dancing fool

  2. Melissa says:

    My sister got this game for Christmas – it is fun! We played for a while & it is quite the workout!

  3. Melinda says:

    I love dancing- I need to get this to exercise and have fun at the same time! 😉

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