All Set And Ready To Go

Good morning 🙂

I just booked our hotel for Los Angeles. I’m all set and ready to go for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon. We got something close to the start line and not too far from the finish. It was between 2 different hotels but I went with this one because I rather be closer to the starting line.  I ran 8 miles yesterday and I felt great. It got a little hot towards the end but other than that I felt awesome. I’m starting to feel more confident that I can do this alone. Yesterdays run was a little different for me because Craig ran 4 miles with me then I ran the other 4 alone. It made the time go by so much faster than when I run alone. I really enjoyed him running with me. Since he is also training for a half it has made it much easier on me. I’m going to get spoiled and on RNR day I’m going to really miss my running partner.

For my long runs I usually go to the park and run to the half way point and then run back or use to make a route that starts and ends at the same spot. However, yesterday was a different story. Since Craig had to run 4 miles and we have a path behind our house we decided to just run it there. The point when he was coming back was the 2 mile mark so I ran the same area 4 times. It felt so much shorter. When Craig was done with his 4 miles I just needed to run 4 again and it felt like a fresh start. I really liked doing it this way. I think we will do something like this again next weekend.

I’m so pumped for this run.

Our weekend has been really busy with shopping, bbqing with family, car show and soon we will be watching football.

Boot camp is done for now. I’m still deciding on whether I should sign up for two weeks while I’m still in training at work or just focus on my running. I’ll let you know what I decide. Next boot camp session starts on September 20th so I have a week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂




2 comments on “All Set And Ready To Go

  1. sheila says:

    BETTY!!! I’ve missed reading your blog, been away from the blog world and i’m glad i’m back!!! I see you’ve been running a whole lot! THAT’S AWESOME!!! I’m training for a rock n roll half marathon too it’s going to be in November in San Antonio. I’m a bit nervous about it. This will be my second time running it. I definitely think you should focus on running for now. It’s okay to do strength training in between, you should because it will help you get stronger. But don’t do too much or else your body will give up on you. The amount of running you’re doing to train for the half is plenty enough 🙂

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