No A/C…WHAT?!!!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Mine has been interesting….

Friday when Craig and I got home from work we noticed our house was really hot. Our A/C wasn’t working.

hot-sun-thermometer.jpg image by peoplesrepublicSource

The thermostat said 85 degrees. We tried a few things but nothing worked so we went on with our plans. No need to get upset and ruin our night. First we went to Zoe’s Kitchen for dinner. I really like that place. The food is so good and filling. Close to Zoe’s there’s a Sports Authority so we went to see if I could find the shorts I’ve been looking for. I have been looking online and other sport stores but I can never find the color or size I need. I had already given up and decided to wear a different pair of pink Nike shorts I have. Anyway, we looked around and then from far away I spotted them!!! I went straight to them and Craig saw my happy face. I tried them on and brought them home. Woohooo. Craig bought them for me 🙂 Now I have my outfit ready for the Los Angeles Half Marathon which is 1 month AWAY!! I can’t wait.


After stopping at a couple of stores for Halloween ideas we stopped at Yogurtland. They have pumpkin flavored froyo right now. SCORE!!! I’m really into pumpkin flavored things right now. Ummm pumpkin Spice NF Latte from Starbucks. Deliciousness. By the time we were done it was pretty late and we had an early start the next day so we called it a night. It actually wasn’t too bad sleeping without the A/C on Friday night. We had the window open in our room and had the fan on. Saturday morning we woke up and got ready for our 4 wheeling adventure. We have been looking forward to it for a couple of months. We had so much fun. It was nice to be back out there. We explored a couple of mines but I didn’t go in too deep. SCARY LARRY!!!!!

Starting the trail. Sunflower Mine Loop trail is located near Payson, Arizona.

Craig was 3 wheeling it. 😉

Checking out the mines.

We knew we needed to get someone to come check out the A/C but we weren’t going to be home all day. (Probably a good thing too) It was 104 degrees yesterday. It was about 89 degrees in our house when we got home. We called someone to come and they said they wouldn’t be over until Sunday morning to fix it. So we went to dinner at Jason’s Deli and rested. We were both pooped after a day of 4 wheeling. We ended up going to spend the night at my parents. I hadn’t seen them all weekend and I like staying over sometimes. It’s nice when they take care of me. 🙂 We both needed a good nights rest since we both had longer runs planned for Sunday morning. We attempted to stay home before going over to my parents but I was a baby. I needed the A/C. I felt hot all over. Especially because I had been outside the whole day. I’m glad we went to my parents. It was comfy. We left early at about 4:30am to go on our run. Then we waited, waited and WAITED for the guy to come fix our A/C. Finally he came and fixed it!! YAY!!! We were happy we were going to watch our football games in the nice cool air. Before watching football we had other plans though….. going to T.G.I. Fridays and enjoying some not too good for us food. It tasted  goooooood though. We watched a couple of games there then came home to watch the Raiders and Cardinals game. It was a good Sunday. I love Sundays 🙂

Back to work tomorrow. Let’s start it off with a smile 🙂



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