Running Plans

Hi 🙂

This morning started with a 3 mile run with Craig. I was feeling pretty good about it until my first step. As soon as I started running every time I landed on  my left foot I could feel some pain. It starts in the heel then goes upward to my ankle. The pain isn’t super bad but nothing I should be feeling. I think I actually did this to myself. Yesterday at the gym I got on the elliptical and also did some ST. Part of it was this machine…

Leg Curl Machine


I’ve done this machine so many times. I have never hurt myself before on it which is why I don’t understand how I hurt myself. I’m not sure if it’s because I put  more weight on it than I usual or if I did something wrong but I had a feeling it was not going to help me for my run today. I was right. So today I wore my Recovery socks and I have a few massages and stretches I’m going to be doing. I hope it’s better by this weekend because I have a few runs planned. Until then I’m going to be cross training.

Plans for this week are:

Monday- elliptical, ST and Ab workout at the gym.

Tuesday- Morning run (3 miles) with Craig.  Afternoon Stairmaster and Ab workout at the gym.

Wednesday- Dancing or bike riding w/my sis

Thusday- Morning run (3 miles)

Friday- Rest Day

Saturday- Morning run (10 miles) with my friend Diana.

Sunday- Morning run (5 miles) with Craig.

I don’t feel like I hurt myself too bad but I am going to take care of myself to prevent it from getting worse.

Question: Have you ever hurt yourself on a workout that you’ve done before? I feel like a dork for hurting myself on something I’ve done so many times.

I’m really getting excited for LARNR. I know it’s still a month away but I can’t stop thinking about it. I think about crossing the finish line and how I’ll probably feel. I know I’ve done other runs but it’s going to be so different doing this one alone. I was thinking about it this morning and one of the hardest parts for me will be in the morning. While we are getting ready to cross the starting line and we are waiting around. Usually I would take pictures and talk to whoever was running with me. Also when I’m crossing the finish line. We would usually have something we wanted to do when we were crossing. We would hold hands and jump or something like that. I haven’t even decided if I want to do anything. I wish it was already time. I get so antsy. I know I still need my time to train but the week before a race is so exciting. So many different emotions and so much to plan. I can’t wait 🙂

Question: Do you do anything when you cross the finish line other than run across it? Like a peace sign for the picture or anything like that?




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