One Week To Go

Hi blog friends 🙂 It’s Sunday already? This weekend flew by. It was nice having Friday all to myself though. I knew I missed having them off but I hadn’t realized how much.

I got my hair cut and did a little shopping. I had Subway for lunch and watched Friends. I had planned to try a new recipe but by the time I was done shopping I was hungry. Friday night Craig and I went to Red Robin for dinner then went to the movies to watch Resident Evil. I thought it was a good but Craig wasn’t impressed. Saturday morning I met my friend Daniela at the park for a run. I only had to do 4 miles which felt very weird because I’ve been doing longer runs the last few weeks. They were 4 easy miles and I really enjoyed them. It was nice to take it easy after so long. I went home and left Daniela to finish her run. We met up again an hour later with our other friend Diana to do more shopping. This time we were looking for our Women’s Half Marathon outfit. We went with a pink top and black bottoms. We found a nice top that is dri-fit on clearance for $14. DEAL!!! 🙂 I’m glad we found what we were looking for because when we get back from L.A. there isn’t too much time before we have to wear it. Especially with Halloween around the corner. I know we will all be pretty busy.

After that I went home and rested for a bit. My family had planned a potluck at 4pm and I knew I would need my rest. My family is CRAzy. In a good way though. We were there for a while talking and eating. On on the way home Craig and I decided to stop and rent some movies. We picked a couple and headed home. We watched Karate Kid then called it a night.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early for Craig’s run. He had to run 6 miles and I wanted to ride my bike. The weather was so nice this morning. Perfect for a good run and bike ride. It felt so nice to just ride around. I explored a few new streets and trails at the park while Craig ran. There was a man playing the flute under a bridge. While I waited for Craig I listened to the man. It was so relaxing. I took my camera but the battery was low. 😦 I wasn’t able to take too many pictures.

The rest of day has been just relaxing. We did go to the store and we made a nice purchase… 🙂


We finally bought a netbook. We’ve been wanting one for a while and made the time to go buy it. I’m really excited. This will come very handy next week when I’m in L.A. I’ll be able to update sooner about the expo, our trip and my run. I can’t believe I only have one week left. It’s time to put all that training into play. I know that I’ve trained as well as I can. I feel ready and I hope everything goes well. No matter how well you train you never know how a race will turn out. I am starting to feel all the crazy feelings that come the last week before a race. It’s a good and bad thing. Good because it’s exciting but also bad because it’s all I can think of. I hope this week goes by fast. I am looking forward to the road trip, race, expo and mini vacation. 🙂

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Have a good night.



4 comments on “One Week To Go

  1. Veronica says:

    I would really love to get a netbook/laptop. Right now I have a desktop and although I love the massive flat screen monitor, I wish I didnt have to sit at this desk all the time! A netbook would be so handy!

    • betybliss says:

      Yeah I agree. Sometimes I want to look something up really quick or write a quick post and I won’t because it’s not as convenient. We got a really good deal at Cosco.

  2. Are you running the LA Marathon this weekend? Best of luck! I’m half tempted to come spectate, but LA kind of scares me. My fiance and I are running RnR Vegas as well, see ya there! 🙂

    • betybliss says:

      Yes I’m running the LA but the half. I’m training for my first full marathon in January. Your post yesterday was very motivating. 🙂 Las Vegas is going to be so much fun!! I’m so excited.

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