Women’s Half Marathon Recap

The night before the half marathon we had dinner at Carraba’s Italian Grill. We wanted to make sure to carb load. We invited our friends and had a good time. The service wasn’t awesome but we made it work 😉

I want to start off by saying  this half marathon was my friends Diana. Yes I was running it also but I wanted it to be all about her. I told her I wanted her to choose everything. Our clothes, dinner, our pace and even the song to the video. She had a baby less than 6 months ago. When she came back from maternity leave she was already looking for a half marathon she could do. 🙂 When she told me she was running the Women’s Half Marathon I was so happy for her. I told her I wanted to run it with her. We ran our first half marathon together and I wanted to experience this one with her too.

The start of the race was at 7am. The start line wasn’t too far from where we live and we had gone Friday to make sure there was enough parking and knew it wasn’t an issue. We arrived there at about 6:20 am. We made sure to use the porta potty. We definitely have learned from the first half marathon how important it is to use the porta potty before the race.

Diana and I had ran a few times together during training and we know each others pace very well. We always have fun running together and were looking forward to the run.

My sister hasn’t missed one of my runs. Neither has Craig. 🙂 I’m pretty lucky.

The race wasn’t really huge but it was a lot of fun. You can feel the excitement from all the women running it. All proud to be wearing pink and supporting a GREAT cause.

As soon as we crossed the finish line we were off. I knew the pace we were going was pretty good. We were both feeling pretty good and enjoying the scenery of Old Town Scottsdale.

At about the 2nd mile my chest was really bothering me. It hurt with every breath I took. It was horrible. I didn’t show how bad it hurt to Diana. I didn’t want her to worry and slow down. I did text Craig letting him know how I felt. I had been sick the week before but I thought it was just a cold. I didn’t go to work all week. By Friday I thought I was feeling better. I guess the obvious sick symptoms were gone at least but I wasn’t better at all. My mom asked me that Friday if I was still running the race and I had no question about it. Of course I was still running the race. In my head I just had a regular cold..no biggie. Boy was I wrong. I have never thought about quitting a race until that day. I was in extreme pain. My upper back and lungs ached. But I kept a smile on my face and still didn’t tell Diana.

By the 6th mile I was ready to call it a day. I kept messaging Craig that I had to stop. I just couldn’t keep going. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t let Diana down or myself. I’m pretty hard headed and I made myself keep going. When we saw Craig the second time I hugged him and whispered how bad I felt. Diana didn’t hear me but she saw my face. We kept going and she asked me what I didn’t want her to. She asked if I was doing okay. I said Yes but that my chest was bothering me a little. I told her lets keep doing this. Other than my chest and aches we were having fun. I could tell Diana was glad to be back out running a race. You can tell how happy she is when she is running. 🙂

I think in this picture you can tell I’m kind of like…UGH. Someone save me!!! Lol.

Diana was doing great. We had great time and we were right by the people holding the 2:45 pace. We were pretty happy that we were going to beat our old time. When we ran the P.F.Changs RNR half together 2 yrs ago we finished in 3:04. Diana kept saying it was going to be over 3 hours when we finished but I knew it wouldn’t. We both trained and were ready for it. We didn’t have a time in mind though. This was Diana’s way back to racing and we just wanted to have fun.

I will always remember when we passed the 9 mile mark and saw people coming up a ramp. I thought no way that we are going all the way around up that ramp. It would be over 13 miles. No way…must be the 5k race route. LOL. Diana even asked me why there was people coming up that ramp…I told her I thought it was the 5k race people. So we kept on going……until we made a loop and saw the ramp ahead!!!!! The loop felt like it was 5 miles. At that point Diana turned to me and says ” Dude DUDE” hahahaha I started laughing. At least as much as I could laugh because even laughing hurt me. Her face was priceless. We both just laughed after that and kept going. We felt like we had ran a full marathon and still had a lot left. It was hilarious.

When we saw the finish line we picked up our speed. We knew we wanted to cross holding hands so we locked them together and ran. We saw Craig and my sister cheering us on.

And finished at 2:50. We beat our old time!!  We were both so happy. We hugged each other and then got a bunch of treats. We met up with Craig and my sister and then went home. I knew I was ready to rest. I felt so proud of Diana for finishing her race. She is a mother of 2 boys. She just had a baby and she still is doing what she loves. I admire that.

Here we are after finishing. I forgot I had taken off my metal in the car. Ay me.

When we were running the race I cried. Silent tears. I was in a lot of pain. I had never felt that way. I didn’t tell Diana. I didn’t want to ruin our run together but I knew I needed to go to the Dr. On Monday after work Craig took me to urgent care. The Dr. told me I have Pneumonia. I have to take antibiotics and she also gave me an inhaler. I told her I was training for a full marathon and she told me to rest and lay low from running until I’m better. 😦 This SUCKS. I’m not going to lie. I have spent the entire week in a roller coaster of emotions. I hate feeling this way. I feel so useless and not in control. I don’t like that. The medicine doesn’t let me sleep and makes me nauseas. I’ve barely had an appetite and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth the whole day. I don’t like that I’m complaining now. I don’t like being this person. I just want to get better already. I want to be able to sleep and breathe normally without hurting. I did wake up better today so I know the medicine is working. Gotta roll with the punches..Right? 

Tonight Craig and I are going to Zoe’s Kitchen for dinner. We are also going to Road Runner to buy Craig’s new running shoes. He is going to be doing the treadmill test to find out which ones are the best for him. We might also go to the movies. I want to watch Megamind. 🙂

Hope you enjoy your weekend and I’m sorry for complaining so much. I really did enjoy the race and I am so proud of Diana.



4 comments on “Women’s Half Marathon Recap

  1. Melissa says:

    Betty, that is so great! That shows what a true friend you are – that you wanted to run through the pain so she wouldn’t know. Get some rest!!

  2. Endura says:

    omg i would have done the same thing. actually i remember running pf changs and the pain i felt in my ankle, omg it was the worst! betita you take care of yourself and wait to run, i know how you are!! cant wait to see you soon.

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