Back to Beatsie

Hi!! I am feeling better FINALLY. I’m back to being me…Beatsie (what Craig calls me) I took my last antibiotic pill on Thursday. Wooohooo. The Dr. said it can still take a couple of weeks for me to be completely Pneumonia free but I’m just happy to be feeling better. Everything will be back to normal now. I started running again on Tuesday. I couldn’t stay away longer than a week. I made sure I was feeling better before I tried running though and when I got done I felt GREAT. I really missed running. Craig and I ran 3 miles outside. At first I was nervous about running outside but I knew I needed to test it. I’m glad I did too 🙂 This week I also made it back to the gym which also puts a smile on my face. Yes..seems things are getting back to normal happy life.

This week we also got our confirmation info for the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon. It’s only 2 weeks away!! Yay. Last night after dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen we stopped to buy our running outfit so we could match 🙂 Craig decided on the colors and it’s a very guyish look but I might add a little somethin’ somethin’ to mine to girl it up. 😉 Last Sunday Craig also got new running shoes. We went to Roadrunner and he did the treadmill test thing. Sorry I don’t know the technical name. Lol. ( I guess I can google it or something but I’m being lazy) It was really cool though and I plan on doing it too for my next shoes. I’ve never done it since I found the shoes that work best for me and have stuck with them since. I would like to do the test to see if I’m using the “right” type of shoe for me though. Craig decided on Asics and he said he really liked them after our run. I will have 3 half marathons plus training on the shoes I have now so I’m thinking I’ll go sometime in December. I’ll need new shoes for the full marathon for sure in January. Oh…talking about my full marathon. I am a little behind on my training because I was sick for almost 3 weeks. I did run a half marathon during that time and other shorter runs though so I know I can be ready. This Sunday Craig and I are running 10 miles for his last long run before Las Vegas. Next weekend I’m going to push for 15 miles then go from there. As long as I can stay healthy and not get sick anymore than I should be ready by January 16, 2011. 🙂

Last night after buying our running gear we went mini golfing. We hadn’t been mini golfing in almost 2 years I think. We had so much fun. When we got to the place we noticed a lot more people there than normal. We all looked at each other kind of like….what’s going on. When we got to the entrance there was a sign that they were having a Singles Conference. They had a D.J. and huge tents for people to dance and food. It made it even more fun that we got a free party out of it too. Lol. We were dancing and singing while playing. We even saw a couple trying to sneak away from the tent to have alone time. haha


My sister Vero and her friend went with us.

Vero was the first to make a Hole In One.


 Craig being goofy.

Then I made a Hole In One!! Woohooo. I guess the girls taught the guys A THING OR TWO!!!! 🙂

Today we are trying to get A LOT done at home. Since being sick I have been a lump on the couch or bed. Between Dr. appointments and resting A LOT we haven’t done much around our house. Oh wait I have been doing something else…..


I started a new book series. Since I was trying to lay low from running I decided to keep myself occupied with a book. I love reading and once I start reading I am glued to the book. But today I made an agreement with myself that I need to have a few things done before I even think about picking up the book. I’m on the 3rd book already…what WHAT…

Okay gotta get back to cleaning before Craig comes upstairs and finds me still blogging. LOL. He’s cleaning the garage while I organize some things inside.

Have a great weekend!!!



One comment on “Back to Beatsie

  1. Melissa says:

    i did the treadmill run thingy at Road Runner. 🙂 I recommend it!
    Oooh i might have to check out that book series – love reading!

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