Celebration Time

It’s been awhile so here are the updates.

This Friday we leave to Las Vegas for the RNR Half Marathon. Woohooo. This will be Craig’s first half and I am so excited to run one with him. I know we are going to have a great time in Vegas. We ran our last long run on Thanksgiving and we both feel pretty good about the half. I’m still not back to my normal ways after being sick but I am a lot better. We have a lot planned this week including running (but not too much since its taper week) packing, Bday party, dinner with my family before we leave and other regular day stuff. My little sister will be joining us on our trip to support us and also our friend Chris will be there. He is running the full marathon. Exciting!! 🙂 Craig wants to write a guest post after the race so you can hear about his first race straight from him. Yay!

Like I said our Thanksgiving started with a long run of 10 miles. Usually Arizona isn’t very cold but I swear it was FREEZING. My face was numb by the first mile. We started a little later than usual so it wouldn’t be as cold but it still was. After our run we got ready for our Thanksgiving festivities. First we went to his mom’s house. We ate A LOT. I was stuffed but kept eating because everything was so good. Plus Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I wanted to enjoy it. We also watched a movie and enjoyed dessert. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep on the couch after our huge meal. At about 5pm we went to my family’s house. We have always eaten our food at around 6pm. We usually start making the food really early and just talk the whole day until dinner time. My whole family comes over. I’m talking cousins, aunts, grandma, grandpa and close friends. Again, we ATE A LOT. I even took some home. YUM. We played Loteria (hispanic version of Bingo) watched football and talked. We went home around 9pm since I had to be at work the next day.

My dad and my niece Jasmine

Jasmine with her momma Ceci and Craig sneaking in the picture. LOL

My sis and I

My baby

My mom and I

My little sister Vero

And my love……

So I usually don’t work on Fridays but since it was Black Friday it was mandatory for us at work. I went in to work and we were so slow that I only stayed an hour. SCORE I got to enjoy my Friday. Craig and I went shopping and had lunch.

On Friday night we met Craig’s High School friends for dinner. One of the guys was in AZ from out-of-town visiting for Thanksgiving so it was the perfect opportunity for them to get together. It was so much fun listening to all their stories. They have stayed in contact for so long and they still remain friends. Their wives also came to dinner so we all had stories to share.

On Saturday morning I actually went hiking with one of the wives. We had become friends through facebook but had never met until Friday. I felt like I knew her forever. We had such a great time and she was so excited to go hiking. She said she had never really been hiking before. She loved Arizona and wants to move here. I’m trying to convince Craig for us to go visit them next year 🙂

Saturday night we went to dinner and the movies. We watched “Faster” with Dwayne Johnson ( The Rock) The movie was pretty good but probably okay to wait for dvd. Later that night Craig’s friends stopped by again and we watched old videos from their high school days.

On Sunday we lounged around a lot. We had been so busy non stop that took advantage of the easy day. We put up our Christmas Tree, watched football and movies at home.

Craig’s mom gave him these a couple of years ago.


I gave these to Craig in 2006. We give each other a Christmas ornament every year.

We also add something to our small Christmas Village every year.

I love Christmas 🙂

Now I’m going to heat up my lunch and catch up on blogs.



3 comments on “Celebration Time

  1. Seeee ya in Vegas! Good luck to both of you!

  2. Veronica says:

    Good luck in Vegas!

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