Friday and My Recap

Hi 🙂

Today is my first normal Friday off in a long time. I have lots to do though.

~ Read by book (finished it this morning) yay! Craig is happy about that too.

~ Dr. appt. for my knee

~ Clean

~ Christmas shopping

~Unpack ( A week later and my luggage is still on the floor in our bedroom)

~ Meet my friends for dinner and then Craig for a movie

All of things I’m looking forward to except 1……Dr appt. I hate going and I really put it off until I REALLY have to go. Last month when I ran the Women’s Half Marathon I was dealing with Pneumonia (which I didn’t know I had) so I wasn’t too worried when my knee was aching at about the 8th mile. I’ve had pain before here and there but nothing serious. It always goes away and my running is back to normal. I thought the same thing would happen with my knee. Especially when I woke up the next day and wasn’t even sore from the half marathon. After that is when I found out I had Pneumonia so I took off a week from running. When I started running again I started with shorter runs than when I did a few longer ones I noticed my knee hurting again. This only happens on long runs which I thought was weird. I walk normal and it doesn’t hurt on a regular day. So again I just ignored it. (stubborn) At the Las Vegas Half Marathon last weekend my knee started to hurt again at like the 10th mile. I was not happy. I really wanted a normal fun run with no sickness or injuries but it wasn’t happening. I started to get down on myself but Craig helped me through it. He had some pain gel they passed out at the expo and it really helped. Still though by the end of the run I could barely walk. The next day though…I woke up and nothing. Everything was back to normal. Not sore or any knee pain. But I knew I needed to make an appt. especially if I plan on running a full marathon next month. It feels like its one thing after another. I’ll let you know what the Dr says but I’m almost positive she will just say to rest. (one of the reasons I don’t like going to the Dr)

Okay so back to las Vegas Half Marathon!! Yay! Although I did have knee pain I still had SO much fun. This was one of the best races I’ve ever ran. The race is down the strip and even down to Fremont Street. There was always something to look at. If it wasn’t other runners dressed up it was the scenery. We have been to Las Vegas a lot but it was so different to see it while running. It felt like it was all for us. They blocked out the strip and so many people came out to support. They even had the race on the hotel signs. It was pretty cool.

Craig picked out our running gear for the race since this was his 1st half marathon. Of course he decided on boyish colors. I had planned to add some stuff to mine but decided to save it for another run. I wanted Craig and I to match 🙂

The start line was a lot of fun. The Blue’s Brothers Band was there singing and getting everyone hyped up. Cher even sang the National Anthem.

This was our view as we started. It was awesome.

Craig was happy during the whole race. He blew me away. I expected him to do well but he was my rock when my knee started to hurt and I was so happy he was there.

At about the 3rd mile they had a Run Through Wedding. I guess you could get married in like 2 minutes. (I might be exaggerating) 😉

Every time we passed a hotel I was surprised how fast we had made it there. Then we got to Fremont Street and I knew it was almost time to turn back around. The start and finish line were at Mandalay Bay.

Craig tried to convince me to run through really quick but I told him we couldn’t because we had to drive for that. LOL. We were really having a lot of fun. Taking in all the people dressed up, music and just being goofy.

I love reading the signs. There’s always one that stays in your head. This was one of them.

We started to run back and that’s when the pain started. I was mad at it. LOL. But what can you do….nothing but to keep on moving.

Finally we crossed the 13 mile mark and knew it was almost over. We were both so happy. I was so excited to cross the finish line with Craig.

Craig with his finishing metal. I am so proud of him. To experience this with him was amazing. I will always be grateful. He took the time to share something with me. He knows I love running and races. He took the time and discovered that he also wanted to race and we finished one…together 🙂

At this point I could barely walk but I made sure to smile for the camera 😉 It was funny because Craig kept saying how hungry he was since the 7th mile. I was like….I told you. hahaha.

My lovely love. I am so happy. He even mentioned maybe running another one together next year. Yay!! On our way back we were talking about the race and I was so excited when he told me what he felt and thought. I was excited because I felt those things too when I ran and I liked that he knew how I felt. We both could relate to little things that people who have run long distance had felt also. It was cool. I can’t wait to run another one next year…..



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