My First Half Marathon Recap

Guest post by Craig

The weeks leading up the ½ marathon were a lot of hard work.  I’ve been running for a while now, but usually don’t leave my comfort zone of 3 miles.   Whenever Bety would have long runs I would bike it.  We had a training schedule set up for me and I stuck to It for the most part.  My only complaint would be how much time it took!  Once the marathon came, I was happy, I felt totally prepared.

This being my first ½ marathon we said we weren’t going to set a goal other than finishing.  As it got closer I decided that I wanted to finish in less than 3 hours.  Waiting for our corral to start seemed like it took forever, but it was actually about 40 minutes after corral 1, and there were still more behind us.  I was both nervous and excited, and I really just wanted to be running at that point.  Once we were off I felt better . 

I liked that we were running in Vegas.  The fact that I know the area pretty well was fun, just thinking about how tired I would get walking the strip, actually running it gave me a new perspective.  I did expect more of a crowd on the sidewalks though.  When I saw that the course went all the way down to Fremont Street and back it just seemed crazy, that takes so long in a car and we were going to run it!  The benefits of no traffic.  🙂

The furthest I had run before was 10 miles, and that was a week before, and I had only done it once.  I am really happy that I did the entire 13.1 with no issues.  I felt great the whole time, my new shoes worked out perfect.  I did finish in less than 3 hours which was the goal, but I feel as if I could have done a little better.  Next time no playing it safe!  That brings up another point.  During training I had said this was a one time thing, that I really wanted to do it, but I will be satisfied after it’s over and I will move on to something else.  The last few miles all I could think about was how long was I  going to wait until my next one?  I guess it really is addicting.  I want to beat my time real bad! 🙂 

I took this picture over my shoulder to prove that there were people behind us lol.

We saw the brooks man in LA for the RnR half there, so I was excited to see he made the journey to sin city.

The half and the full finished at the same time, with the finish lines side by side.

Crossing the finish line felt good.  I was more hungry than anything else.  In fact after we ate lunch we hit the road and I drove us back to Phoenix.  I was surprised that I wasn’t sleepy on the way home, but I did sleep well that night.  I was excited to get my medal and I spent about 20 minutes trying to get the perfect picture.  I’d like to thank my trainer and running partner Bety.  I would not have been able to do this on my own, and I’m glad she was there with me throughout the run.



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