I don’t know what you heard about me…..

Good morning. This morning is going by way too fast. I need more time to be lazy!!! 🙂

We had a great day yesterday which is why I am BEAT DOWN today. I need to recuperate BIG TIME tonight.

Our day started out with a picnic at the park. I enjoyed a delicious big burger, guacamole, cookie, salad and chips. I was so hungry.

After lunch I was the professional photographer for the kickball game 🙂 Here is Craig kicking a HOME RUN!!!!!

Then we barely made it home on time to get everything set for Craig’s birthday celebration. I made cupcakes instead of a cake because it’s easier to cut. LOL. They didn’t come out very pretty but they are tasty.

We also had a visitor. Her name is Oceanna. WE LOVE HER. I don’t usually like cats. Actually before Oceanna I HATED them but I have changed my mind. She is getting so big so fast too. We almost got Oceanna when she was a kitten but changed our minds. She lives downstairs and she is the only one left from her 3 sisters. We give her treats and try to take care of her when she is outside. I was happy she feels comfortable enough with us to visit now.

My sister bought Craig a Pimp cup for his birthday.

I gave Craig once of his gifts early so we could play after Comic Bowling.

It even came with the glove 😉

We sang Happy Birthday.

And went bowling…….

Nice shoes huh?

We had so much fun bowling. They were playing great music too so we danced a little while making our way up to bowl.

Then we came home, got comfortable and played wii. We have Just Dance, Just Dance 2 and now Michael Jackson The Experience…we are dancing fools 🙂

We are doing more celebrating today. I’m about to jump in the shower to go have cake with Craig’s family. Maybe after that I can lay around for the rest of the evening. Can’t wait for Tuesday to celebrate Craig’s real birthday again 🙂 Taking my honey out to a nice dinner. Alright folks gotta go.

Have a GREAT Sunday!



One comment on “I don’t know what you heard about me…..

  1. Melissa says:

    looks like a fun time! I can’t wait to try out that Michael Jackson game. 🙂

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