Happy New Years Eve everyone!! This year just flew by. I have so many great memories from this year but I am looking forward to 2011. Tomorrow I will be posting my 2010 Highlights. Looking back at those pictures makes me so happy. 🙂

This week though I enjoyed a few other things that make me happy….

I stopped at Starbucks before work and enjoyed some delicious coffee. I am starting to really get scared here. I don’t consider myself a “coffee” person but these winter ones are like OMG the best. Plus who can say no to those cute cups. I feel all cozy just holding one in my hand. LOL. I also got to listen to books at work all week!! Ummmm can’t beat that. I need to get more books too because I’m going through these fast. I think 10 hour work days can make that happen.

She makes me so happy that I bought her a skin to show her personality 😉

One thing that did not make me happy this week is having to ice my knee at work. Ugh but I did hear back from my Dr. yesterday and I was approved for the MRI. So next Wednesday I will finally get that done. It seems like this all takes so long. I just want to go out and run as much as I want without having to worry about it. I will be patient though.

Then this morning there was ICE on my windshield. I know this isn’t a big deal but it made me happy. In Arizona we don’t get this that much. It’s pretty cool. I could see it on the roofs. Craig and I were both excited. Tomorrow we plan on exploring. I’m looking forward to starting the new year with my lovey and hiking. Two things I love and that make me happy.

Hair Before

After enjoying the icy morning. I headed to the salon because that also makes me happy. I didn’t do anything really different because I’m trying to stick to my more natural color but I like it. I also got a trim because I didn’t even have bangs anymore. You can’t really tell in the picture but it starts a little darker in the roots then gets lighter towards the ends.

Hair After

Tonight we are going to dinner and maybe a movie. We decided to have a calm evening since we plan on exploring a lot this weekend. Let’s see what we can get into 🙂 I hope you all have a HAPPY and safe New Years Eve!!



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