Lookey Lookey

So yesterday as I was driving home I get a text message from Craig saying I got a package in the mail. We always give each other a hard time about always ordering stuff. It’s all in fun though. Anyway…I started thinking to myself and I haven’t ordered anything lately so what could it be. Then Craig messaged me saying…I think it’s a medal. When I got home Craig was waiting for me all excited because he wanted to see what it was….

Isn’t it pretty?!! I got if for running two half marathons. Now to be honest I don’t which ones they are counting. I’m thinking possibly the Los Angeles and Las Vegas one. I don’t the P.F.Changs since that was too far away. Anyway I was super happy 🙂 It was a nice little surprise. Since I wasn’t able to get my P.F.changs Full Marathon this month like I planned so I am happy I still got one for 26.2 miles 😉

After taking pictures and posing with my medal I had to change to go to my MRI appt. We had a quick dinner and where on our way. I’m hoping to hear back soon because I want to get the physical therapy started already. Grrrr. It takes too long. I want to start planning my races for this year. Until then I will continue planning our vacation for March. We are getting everything set and when it’s already booked then I will let you know what it is. We are very excited about it. Yay.

Tomorrow we are celebrating our 5 year anniversary and I will be posting our little story of how we met with A LOT of pictures 🙂

Hope you are all enjoying your day!! Tomorrow is Friday..Yay!



One comment on “Lookey Lookey

  1. Melissa says:

    How fun!!

    And congrats on 5 years…that’s awesome!

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