Hood To Coast

Today is my Friday! Woohooooooooo! I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot this week. I feel good about getting stuff done. 🙂

On Tuesday we went to watch “Hood to Coast.” My friend Diana joined us and by the time the movie was over we were ready to register for the race. LOL. The movie was so good and inspiring. There were funny moments and times when I was fighting back the tears. It’s incredible what people can do when you just push yourself. It followed four different teams on their journey. Each one has a different story and reason to why they are doing the race. I don’t want to give too much away so I won’t go into detail about each team but I really recommend this movie. Here is a little bit of information about the race…

~ It is the largest relay race in the WORLD!

~ The race is 197 miles……EEEEEk

~ It starts in Mt. Hood and you finish in Pacific Coast in Seaside.


~Map of the course. They say the first leg is the hardest because it’s all down hill, but when I was watching the movie the last leg seemed the hardest to me. The race takes about 24hrs.

01_jpg Source

This is where it starts. It seems like a fun relay race to do and one of the perks would be the beautiful scenery. I would seriously consider doing this someday.

Question: Have you ever run a relay race? Would you?



One comment on “Hood To Coast

  1. Today is Thursday!!! lol I hope it is at least! Now I’m confused lol!

    I think that race looks wicked! Like I don’t know if I would survive it! I have sadly NEVER even ran for pleasure in about 6 months and that was about a mile and a half. I just have no motivation for running. I hate it. I am open to suggestions to start! haha I wish I had a personal trainer to whoop my butt in shape!

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