Fun Day At The Expo Day 1

Good morning!! 🙂

I am up for another fun day at the Health & Fitness Expo. I have a few friends that are running the P.F.Chang’s Half Marathon this year so I’m tagging along to the expo 😉 I’m not running it this year because of my IT Band injury but I’m still enjoying the expo and race. I will be at the race from start to finish, taking pictures and supporting the runners. It’s going to be totally different for me because I’ve never been to a race as a spectator. I’m excited to enjoy it without having to feel nervous about running the race the whole weekend. LOL. By this time I would have been nervous all week and barely getting any sleep. It’s been fun so far not worrying about it.

Yesterday I went to the expo with my friend Diana. This is her 2nd time running the P.F.Changs Half Marathon.


Diana is ready to Rock’N’Roll already 🙂

When we first got there is was pretty easy to get thru the aisles and we were able to get a lot of loot. After an hour or so, it got crazy busy. But I’m sure today will be crazier.

We met a few celebrities 😉

And Diana joined The Simpsons family.

They were passing out a lot of loot this year. I came home with a ton. At the Disney stand they had these tiara’s and Disney run information. We both want to run the Disney Half Marathon in September. I just need to make sure I don’t wait to register a couple of months before the race because last year I waited and it was full. I ended up doing L.A. RNR and I loved it so it worked out. 🙂

I made a couple of purchases at the expo. I always buy running socks because they always have good deals. I also bought something I needed….

Pro-Tec Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap

It’s pretty cool and I’ve seen it on a few blogs. I tried it yesterday and I’m really happy I bought it. You can use it hot or cold whichever you prefer. It beats the ice baggies I was using 🙂

I’m going back to the expo today in a couple of hours with my friend Cristina. 🙂 Busy day today. I’m excited for the race tomorrow.



One comment on “Fun Day At The Expo Day 1

  1. Melissa says:

    Oh man, i was at the Expo on Saturday around noon. It was a MADHOUSE.

    Can’t wait to read your spectator recap!

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