Day Two of the Expo

Another day another expo….Well that was yesterday but I didn’t have a chance to post the pictures. Today was the P.F. Chang’s Rock N Roll race and I was there from start to finish supporting my friends. It was a lot of fun and I have a lot more to share but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Today I want to finish the rest of the expo pictures 🙂

Saturday was a lot busier at the expo. At about noon it really started getting crazy and I was ready to get out of there. LOL. I didn’t make any purchases the next day but I did get more loot. Now that I’ve gone on the first day of the expo and the second, I know that by the second day they don’t have as much to give out. Note to self…..go on the first day 😉


My friend Cristina lives in Texas and this is her second time running the P.F.Changs race. My friend Rams actually works with me and I met him through Cristina. This was his first time running this race but his second half marathon. We ran the El Paso Half Marathon together March 2010.


We had a lot of fun at the expo but as soon as more people started getting there we decided to jet asap. Good thing we got to the expo early because we still got to mess around 🙂



One comment on “Day Two of the Expo

  1. Risa says:

    Hi Betty,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you enjoy my crazy future ahead.

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