P.F.Chang’s RNR Spectator Recap

Hi Bloggies 🙂

I took today off because I had an appt. with my specialist this morning. We went over my MRI and X-ray results. I will be updating you tomorrow. Today I want to go over the P.F.Chang’s Rock N Roll Marathon. The race was on Sunday and I was there to support my friends. This was Diana’s second time running this race and also Cristina’s second time.

The race started at 8:30 am and I knew we had time before their corrals crossed so we didn’t leave our house until almost 7:30 am. Traffic was pretty crazy but Craig always has a plan 😉 We made it there with plenty of time to meet my friends before and to see them cross the starting line.



I started to get a little emotional at the beginning of the race because I really wanted to run this race. Also because the beginning of a race is so emotional already. Everyone is so pumped up and excited. It’s a great feeling at that time with all the people. Everyone is jumping, singing, laughing and yelling. It was fun to see all their faces before crossing. They all look so happy to be there and ready for the challenge. We see the guys running with the Cardinals flag every year. We’ve also seen them at a couple of 5k’s.


My friend Cristina and Rams were in the 9th corral. Diana was in the 19th corral. I felt like they were all going really quick. When I’m running a race I feel like it’s taking forever. Maybe it felt that way for the runners that day but I felt like it was going by fast. Maybe because I was singing and yelling the whole time 😉 As soon as Diana crossed we headed to our car. We made a quick breakfast stop and headed to the 6 mile mark. We made it on time to see Diana pass by but my other friends had already passed me. 😦 It was funny because when Diana passed by she didn’t see us.We kept yelling for her but she was so in the zone that she didn’t hear us. I loved it. LOL.

We made it to the 8th mile mark to see Cristina. 🙂 I was happy to see her during the race. I didn’t want to miss her again.


Then we saw Diana pass by and started yelling for her. She didn’t see us AGAIN. LOL. But I was happy to see her in her zone. Craig and I took pictures with our signs.  “Atrevete” is a spanish song that we love. Atrevete means Dare To. I have a sad face in the picture because Diana didn’t see us. haha

After the 8th mile mark we headed to the finish line. I wanted to make sure I was there to see them crossing. I didn’t see Diana but Craig did and took her pictures. Look at her…..woooohooooo!!!!

Then we met Cristina and Rams to take pictures and congratulate them. They did awesome and I’m so proud of them.

Diana did so good too. I’m so proud of my pelos. This was her first time running a  half marathon alone. She rocked it 🙂

Diana had told me a couple of weeks ago that she was dedicating this race to me. She made me cry that day. Ay Diana. She asked me to give her something of mine to have with her throughout the race. She wore a bracelet that I’ve worn my last few races. My parents gave it to me and I like having it. She wore it on her shoe 🙂

Going to the race as a spectator was SO much fun. I thought I was going to be really sad because I wasn’t able to run it. I was a little emotional at the start but it was a good emotional. It was great seeing all the runners and I really felt the energy from everyone. I know that I will have other races and I was glad I was there supporting my peeps because they have been there so many times to support me. I told Craig that I have new respect for him because now I know how much it takes to follow someone along throughout the whole race. We walked SO much and it takes a lot of patience when dealing with the traffic. It gets pretty crazy. We were both so tired by the time it was over. We came home rested and watched football the rest of the day. I had a lot of fun and I am so proud of all of the runners.



4 comments on “P.F.Chang’s RNR Spectator Recap

  1. Melissa says:

    That is so cool your friend dedicated the race to you; what a wonderful idea! 🙂

    And thanks for being out there & cheering everyone on! I really want to volunteer at a race this year, be on the “other” side for once. 🙂

  2. That is so nice! It looks like such a good day even though you were not able to run! 😦 Like I said before, I still have not ran in a race but my goal is to register for one before the month is over. 😉

    It really looks like a good time. Good luck with your results! xoxoxo

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