Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap:

I told you about my fun Friday…..

Saturday we went 4 wheeling. We were out all day and got home pretty tired. We had so much fun though. At first it didn’t seem like we were going because a few people backed out but we kept our plans. I’m glad we did because it was awesome.

By the time we got done it was dark outside. We stopped at Fuddruckers for dinner. I got a buffalo burger and it was amazing. I love going there. After dinner we went home and watched Pirahna. It was a pretty lame movie but it was so lame we enjoyed it. Lol.

Sunday was Superbowl!!! Wooohooo!!! But not before a run outside. It had been about a month since I had run outside and I missed it so much. I felt great and I was so happy with my run. My sister joined me because we are training for the Pat Tillman run in April. I’m really excited about this race. It’s been a year since I’ve run a race with my sister and I can’t wait to do it again. 🙂

Yesterday was CRAZY eating. I ate pizza, dip, chips and I even drank soda!! Eeeeek. It was good and fun but it’s done and over with. Lol. I think we all let go a little yesterday. I mean it was Superbowl Sunday!! 🙂

Before I leave I want to leave you with some good tunes I’m loving right now….

Question: What song are you into right now?



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