Fun Friday

Today has been so much fun that I’m barely getting around to writing this post. I have to make it quick because I have a “dancing” class to go to in less than 30 mins.

This morning I went hiking with my friend Diana. We didn’t find the trail I wanted to take her on…my fault by the way. But we still enjoyed another trail and had fun.  

We plan on going back to do the trail we wanted because it’s a good one. We saw it when we were on our way back from the trail we did do.

After our hike we went shopping. I bought a cute dress, top, earings and necklaces. I’m trying to get things little by little for our cruise next month. I found awesome deals, plus I had a Forever 21 gift card my lovely sister gave me 🙂

I also went Valentine’s Day shopping. I can’t say what I got Craig yet but I’m excited for him to open it. We decided to not do big gifts this year but we still wanted to give eachother something 😉 I have a few plans in mind. I also made little Vday baggies for my family. Lot’s of candy and a card for my loves.

Tonight after my class we are going to watch “Just Go With it.” Jennifer Anniston’s new movie with Adam Sandler. I LOVE Jennifer Anniston and I have a feeling this one will be funny. 

So the dance class I’m taking is a pole dancing class. Now I’m not giving up my day job or anything like that but I’ve always wanted to take a class like this. Everyone says they are so much fun and a great workout. I’m going with two friends from work. I am SO excited but kind of nervous.


I remember reading that Kate Hudson would take pole dancing classes to stay in shape. I wonder how good of a workout  this really is…..

I’ll let you know.

Okay gotta jump in the shower.

Have a GREAT Valentine’s Day weekend!!!!




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