I like ham and I cannot lie

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.

Weekend Recap:


Yesterday I didn’t do much. Lounged around the house, watched some movies, finished my book and then went to my parents. We all went to a baby shower. I’m usually all not into baby showers but this one was someone close to our family. Plus my mom made all the desserts 🙂

She loves making cakes and it’s like a hobby for her. She takes classes to learn different techniques.

She also made these cute cookies with baby faces on them.  I told her I want her to make those for my baby shower when I have one. ( not anytime soon..lol)


We wanted to get our butts moving so we planned a bike ride. We waited  until it was nice and warm outside and did a few things early in the morning then headed out at about 10 am.

The weather was so nice and I think a lot of people had the same idea because there was so many people at the park. We did about 10 miles and I was so happy because I didn’t have any knee issues. I bring that up a lot because there was a point when my knee would hurt just sitting at work. I haven’t had any issues for a few weeks now and I can’t even explain how happy I am. I’m starting to feel like my old self again and that makes me VERY VERY happy.

We cut it at 10 miles because we were hungry and ready to eat. After our run we went to Firehouse Subs. I had the turkey and ham sub and it was DELICIOUS!! I even made a song to it and Craig loved it. LOL.

Imagine this with the “Baby Got Back” melody.

Baby got Ham

You can lose the mayo and mustard but please don’t lose that ham 

Cuz that ham you have make me so hungry

That’s how much I loved my sub. haha

After lunch we went to Sports Authority because I like going to check out what new Nike stuff they have 🙂

We spent the rest of the day resting then we went out for an evening run. The weather was so nice that we wanted to take advantage of it.

Blurry because we were in motion. We had a great run and I felt awesome. Everything was perfect..my music, the company and of course the weather 😉

How beautiful is that?!…..

Now we are just relaxing and enjoying the rest of our Sunday. Are you watching The Grammy’s?

Question: If you are watching The Grammy’s…what is your favorite performance so far?

Have a great  night!!



2 comments on “I like ham and I cannot lie

  1. Ashley says:

    your mom’s dessert table is rockin!!

  2. Melissa says:

    I’m so glad your knee is feeling better!! And i loooooove Firehouse Subs. Excellent choice. 🙂

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