Fun Friday!!

Good morning!!

 (old picture)

I’m starting my day with a Green Monster. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of these and today seems like a good day for it.  I’m about to leave to meet my sister for a morning run. 🙂 I love starting my Friday’s with an outside activity. Today I have a few thing’s planned. All FUN stuff.

~ Run

~ Appt. at 11:30 am

~ Shopping ( For our cruise next month)

~ Buying new running shoes. I’m going to Roadrunner to do the treadmill test. I’m so excited. I love getting new shoes!! It’s so much FUN. I might end up with the same ones I have now but a different color. We’ll see 😉

~ I’m hoping I have enough time to try a new recipe.

We have dinner plans tonight and not sure what else. We were suppose to be getting things ready to go to Glamis but we aren’t going anymore. It’s going to be raining all day on Saturday so there’s no point in going. Looks like a 4 wheeling trip is going to happen though. Whatever we do I know we will have FUN.

I’ve really been taking advantage of my Friday’s off lately. Pretty soon I won’t have them off anymore and I’ll miss them. Gotta enjoy them while I have them.

I’m getting ready to leave. But I want to leave you with Britney’s new video. It premiered yesterday. What do you think?

I like it but I think it could have been hotter.

What happened to this Britney?

I still love her though, I just think the video could’ve been a lot better.

Have a great weekend!!



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