Forbidden Day!!!

Good morning!!


We are getting ready to go on a hike this morning. It might rain later today, hopefully we don’t get caught out in the middle of it. Eeeeek.

Yesterday I did A LOT of shopping!!!! This was planned and not just impulse purchases. But first I started my day with a run.

Our run went really well. My sister is starting to get into the swing of things again. We are doing the run/walk thing but working on running 4 miles without stopping. Yesterday she did really good. It’s been almost a year for her so I know it will take some time to get used to it again. 

When I got back from my run and appointment. I discovered someone else was in my home!!!! CRAIG! He didn’t go to work. I was super happy because I love it when we have days off during the week together. It’s like forbidden. LOL. We spent the whole day out and about. We had lunch at BBQ Company and OMG it was so good. I’m not a huge BBQ fan but I loved it. Or maybe I was just really hungry after my run. 😉 Then we went to Roadrunner for my new shoes. I was so excited and doing the running test was so cool. I learned so much. I was a stability runner..

Runners who need medial (arch-side) support and good midsole cushioning. Runners who are mild to moderate overpronators and/or need added support and durability.


I ended up getting these cute things…

The perfect everyday training shoe, the ProGrid Guide 4 is the next rendition of the award winning ProGrid Guide 3. Ideal for light stability runners, the Guide 4 offers a dual density midsole for motion control and support throughout the entire gait cycle – ensuring a great run every time!


I felt bad for letting go of my Nike shoe buying, but I have to move on. LOL. I will be running for the rest of my life and I will have plenty of time to go back to Nike’s in the future. I still have my Lunarglides I will now make my gym shoe so I will still REPRESENT!! LOL. Plus Nike has the cutest running gear. I’m still sticking to it. I did get a good deal on my new shoes because I’m a V.I.P member and they had sent me a 20% off coupon to use. Score!!!

After our shoe shopping was done I had more shopping to do. Before that though I had froyo to enjoy 🙂

I love froyo!! It was delicious.

We headed to a few stores. I bought some necessities and also a new camera. My old one broke about a month ago and I was carrying around our SUPER old one which is a lot bigger and heavier. I haven’t really used the new camera but we checked it out and it has so many cool things. I’m excited. The big plus is that it’s really light!! That’s huge for me beause I like to take it on my runs and races and I don’t want to be carrying around a huge thing. By the time we were done shopping it was dinner time and we were starving. We had dinner at Genghis Grill and headed home to watch a movie. We were both beat. It was a great day! A forbidden day. LOL

Okay going to eat breakfast and then going on our hike. Have a great day!!



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